Why Should you Learn Arabic in Germany?

Why Should you Learn Arabic in Germany? Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, spoken by more than 1.3 million people. Its speakers are distributed across the Middle East and Africa, as well as other countries throughout the world.

Arabic is the largest branch of Semitic languages. It is very similar in both structure and vocabulary to Aramaic, Hebrew, and Amharic. The Arabic language influenced the development of other regional languages, such as Turkish, Persian and Urdu. It is an official language in all Arab countries in addition to: Israel, Senegal, Mali, Chad, Eritrea, Senegal and is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Arabic has 28 characters and it is written from right to left.

  • Why to learn Arabic in Germany?

Germany is host to a high number of Syrian refugees fleeing the ongoing war. Since 2015, Germany has registered over 1 million asylum seekers within its borders. Given the influx, many Germans are now finding it helpful to learn to speak Arabic. This is especially true for those working in government, but also among the general population who are eager to understand Arabic culture and language and promote integration.

The Excellence Center in Europe offers Arabic courses in Germany to both local Germans and internationals. These courses teach either the Syrian or Palestinian dialects and are taught by qualified Arabic teachers who make learning the language an enjoyable experience. By attending our courses, you have the opportunity to learn in a classroom setting as well as have the chance to practice during daily interactions with the refugees who live in the city.

  • Know more about other cultures including Arabic culture

What makes this experience unique is that it is not only about teaching or learning a new language, but also about diving into a new culture by interacting with local communities who, in turn, are also eager to learn about your culture.

Here in Halle, you will be able to meet refugees who come from countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Albania, Cameroon, Somalia, Mali and others, and get to know more about their culture, how and why they fled to Germany, and how they have adapted to life in Germany.

The Excellence Center in Europe has a broad network among the refugee communities to help its students connect with them in meaningful ways. The Excellence Center organizes activities and cultural evenings intended to promote cultural exchange between local Germans and refugees and encourage rapprochement between people from different countries.

  • Build or improve your Arabic language skills in Fusha or in the Spoken language

Joining our Arabic course in Germany helps you to develop and improve your language abilities. Here you will have the chance to either learn Arabic Fusha (formal language) or spoken language (Palestinian or Syrian dialect). The Excellence Center in Europe will enable you to simultaneously learn and apply the language in your daily life as you interact with local Arabs at shops, restaurants, and cafes, which will accelerate your learning process.

  • Participate in our social and community activities

By joining our Arabic courses, you will also be part of our:

  1. Social Activities which are aimed at bringing people together from different backgrounds to share their culture and tradition, such as a food day where every participant brings a dish from his/her country’s cuisine.
  2. Community Activities such as cultural and musical evenings, cultural competitions, dinners, and much more.
  • The Experience of the Excellence Center in Europe

The Excellence Center in Europe is an expansion of the Excellence Center in Hebron, Palestine. The success of the center in Palestine inspired us to open a second center in Germany. The Excellence Center in Palestine was established in April, 2011. During the past seven years, we have worked hard to make our work distinctive and our teaching methods modern and effective.

Finally, our Arabic courses in Germany are an opportunity to experience German life and culture. By joining one of our Arabic courses you will achieve your language goals and gain a valuable cultural experience. If you think that this opportunity suits you, then apply now and join us in August 2018. Germany awaits you

For more information, visit our website : www.eceurope.org