The Center

The Excellence Center in Europe provides many different opportunities for nationals and internationals. Our main goals are to develop a fully comprehensive curriculum, which is relevant to the non-native Arabic speaker, and to effectively plan lessons to offer high-quality language training.

Another goal of the Center is to bring internationals from every corner in the world to Germany to learn about the country, the culture, and the language. One of the most important goals of the Excellence Center in Europe is to contribute to the integration process of refugees living in Germany. With the Center being located in Germany, internationals will have a unique opportunity to learn more about the refugees within the country during their stay.

In addition, the Center will also offer English courses to Germans.

Keys to Success

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere for all participants.
  • Concentrate mainly on the quality of education and services.
  • Use non-traditional activities and teaching techniques.
  • Connect people together.
  • Build and create relationships with participants, community members, and internationals.
  • Cooperate with local organizations.
  • Create and provide voluntary services.
  • Motivate staff, students, and program participants.

The Excellence Center in Europe will primarily serve three target groups:

  • Immigrants: The Center will connect and integrate immigrants into the German community through many different activities in Halle (e.g. cooking together, language exchange, tandem partners).


  • Germans: The Excellence Center will provide various services to German school students, university students, and community members, enabling them to meet new people, enroll in English language courses, and enroll in Arabic language course.


  • Internationals: The Excellence Center in Europe will offer services to internationals who wish to come to study German or Arabic language in Germany. The Center will place internationals studying German with German host families and try to find Arabic host families for those who are interested in studying Arabic. Additionally, the Center will provide internationals with the opportunity to volunteer or intern in Germany for 1-12 weeks.