Tandem Partner

What is Tandem?

Tandem is a way of learning any language based on mutual language exchange. This means that each partner is a native speaker of the language that the other needs to learn. This method learning is very useful for learning languages quickly.

Tandem partners normally meet once or twice a week to teach and learn from each other. This approach has recently gained popularity in universities around the world. Tandem can also occur via mails, phone, or online communication (referred to as “Distance Tandem”). 

How you find a partner?

If you come to Germany to learn German, Arabic, and English, the Excellence Center in Europe will provide you with your language-partner to practice with.

The Center has a large network of people and organizations that make it easy to find a tandem partner to fit your language needs. You can learn Arabic with a Syrian refugee and teach him/her English or German in exchange.

This option is open to local Germans, Arabs (including the refugees), and to internationals from all over the world. Tandem is not only method of learning but also a way of communicating and understanding other people and cultures. By meeting your language-partner, you will be able to interact and communicate with one another and getting to know the cultural similarities and differences.

Where can I meet my tandem?  

The Excellence Center in Europe can be one of the meeting sites you can use our place to hold your appointments. The Center is fully equipped with learning materials such as internet access, whiteboards, papers, pens, markers, and all relevant learning tools.