Social and Community Activities

The Excellence Center organizes several types of social, educational, and community activities. These activities are aimed at engaging international interns with locals and refugees who reside in Germany. In addition, we aim to spread cultural diversity in the city of Halle through our international guests participating in the Center’s programs.

Sport activities

Excellence Center in Europe organizes a number of sports activities that bring together the internationals, refugees, and locals. These activities are intended to provide an entertainment component to the educational process and exposure to alternative experiences alongside the typical classroom environment.

Local visits

The Center also coordinates local visits targeting various areas of the city of Halle. The purpose of these excursions is to discover the historical sites and expose travelers the rich history of the city. Halle city has an elegant city-center, many green areas and narrow streets with historic architecture. There are many of beautiful places along the Saale River, which runs through the city.

Conversational sessions

Conversation sessions are one of the most important social activities that the Center organizes to raise the level of our participants’ language skills through the introduction of various socio-cultural topics. This activity enables Excellence Center participants get to know local residents as well as refugees in the city by gathering all together and talk in mutual topic.


The Excellence Center offers many free workshops on professional development topics such as, how to write CV, cover letter, and interview skills. These workshops are offered free of charge. The international participants have the chance to help others improve their skills and gain additional teaching experience by instructing these courses.

Children’s Camps

The Excellence Center in Europe organizes a number of summer and winter camps for children between the ages of 7 and 12, which include educational entertainment designed to teach children different skills such as drawing, sports, and some mental exercises.

English Club

The English Language Club is also one of the most important free social activities organized by Excellence Center to support those wishing to learn English. The Club aims to reach local community members and connect native English speakers to students at the local schools and organizations.

English Club strives to give students opportunities to apply the skills they have learned in conversations with proficient English speakers. These kinds of activities help the students to enhance their self-confidence in speaking by interacting and asking questions.