Free time

Free time in Halle (Saale): Halle (Saale) has around 256,00 inhabitants including almost 20,000 students. Life here never gets boring! Wherever you go, whatever your interests, the city offers a young and vibrant environment with a lot of opportunities to have an enjoyable and rewarding visit.

Here are some tips for taking full advantage of your time in Halle:

  • Explore local, traditional cafes

The Kleine Ulrichstraße (Kleine street) has a lot of restaurants and cafe’s where you can meet locals, relax, read a book or study. Most of the cafes offer internet services. In summer, people move outside to enjoy the warm weather and sunny atmosphere.

The Excellence Center in Europe offers a number of different activities to suit every taste and talent. If you’re into sports, you’ll enjoy playing football with the Excellence Center staff, German people, and refugees in Halle. For those more inclined to eating than exercising, the Center also organizes food days for the local community.

Last but not least, emersion in local Halle life through the Centre is the perfect way to improve your German and overcome any challenges you might have learning at a distance. Through our buddy program, you can meet with German people to practice your language broaden your cultural horizons.

  • Sports Activities

Halle (Saale) has a variety of inexpensive swimming pools, saunas, and fitness centers. You can go swimming for two hours for only 4 Euro, or join a full fitness center for only 20-40 Euro a month.

  • Public and university libraries

Halle’s public and university libraries, of which there are many, are the perfect place for a bit of quiet study or to read a book. You can easily register as a visitor and use all facilities on offer.

The Excellence Center in Europe’s staff would be more than happy to help you with this registration process.

  • Visit the Theaters and Cinema

Halle (Saale) has a theater and a number of cinemas. Easily reachable from the Excellence Center or your accommodation, they offer a great way to relax with films regularly shown in English. They are mainly located in the City Center.

  • Travel to Leipzig or Berlin

Do you feel like you’ve seen everything in Halle (Saale) and you would like a change?

Then we’d advise you to try out Leipzig!

It is only a short and inexpensive train ride from Halle and is perfect for anyone keen to explore even more of German culture. In particular, Leipzig offers great shopping, a large zoo, beautiful lakes and an exciting nightlife.

Berlin, the German capital, is only 1 hour by train or 2 hours by bus from Halle (Saale). The city has loads to offer and is an ideal way to spend a weekend with bus tickets costing only 16 Euro (both ways). The city is packed with museums, tasty beer, cultural landmarks, an unimaginable history and a wild nightlife. It is a city internationally celebrated for its freedom, creativity, and grungy cool attitude.

  • Spend time with German people, Arabs or refugees

For those interested in meeting and spending time with people, the center offers you lots of connections to the wonderfully diverse Halle population. From Arabs to Germans and refugees, you will find people willing to make new friends and spend some time in the city together.

  • Night Life and parties

While not as popular as Leipzig or Berlin, the nightlife of Halle still has a lot to offer people looking for a party. You can find enough bars, clubs and student venues to suit every taste in music. On the weekends, you can easily find a lot of students and club parties in the city. In Summer, it is different, you find a lot of parties in public parks or city centers.

It is a huge public park which is very close to the Excellence Center in Europe, (only a 10 minute walk). You can do a lot of activities such as running, swimming, sitting in a cafe, cooking barbecue, enjoying the sun and many more