Transportation: German transportation infrastructure is advanced and modern. Several transportation modes are available to the public, such as public railways, metros, trams, and buses. They are easy to catch and affordable to use. It is very practical to live in Halle (Saale) city without owning a car.

The city has very good connections with trams, allowing you to go just about everywhere using public transportation. The tram starts from 5:0AM and service continues until 1:00 AM. A one-way ticket costs 2.30 Euro and it is valid for an hour, a day ticket costs 5.30 and it is valid for 24 hours, and a monthly ticket costs 60 Euro.

If you are traveling between German cities or to Leipzig-Halle airport, the Halle (Saale) train station is very close to the city center, it only 10 minutes walking from the main city center. At Halle (Saale) train station, you can find all needed connections to other cities, and can easily travel to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and all over Germany—however, it is a bit expensive to travel with the German railways.

Alternatively, you can use the Flixbus, which is a cheaper option allowing you to travel between German cities at an affordable price. For example, from Berlin to Halle will cost you 25-44 Euro via train, but only 8-15 Euros via bus.

Finally, these German transportation options are available in Halle (Saale) all day and until late evening during both weekdays and weekends.