Life in Halle

Life in Halle (Saale), Germany

Life in Germany, and in Halle in particular, is something everyone must experience for themselves. International volunteers, students, and interns at the Excellence Center in Europe are given many opportunities to experience true life in Halle through cultural immersion with Germans, refugees, immigrants, and other internationals.

International visitors to Germany can live with German or Arab host families and see the life of local or immigrant families by engaging with them daily, playing with children, learning how to cook, and eating traditional foods. Some other things international visitors to Germany can do during their stay in Halle (Saale) include visiting the charming old city (Marktplatz) or going to many of the traditional cafes or Shisha bars which are around the Marketplace and not far at all from the Excellence Center Office.

On their days off or weekends, visitors can travel quite easily to other German cities such as Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden, Weimer, Munich, and others. You can also easily travel by bus or train to other European countries, such as Czech Republic (4 hours bus ride) or the Netherlands (6 hours bus ride), at an affordable price.

There are many historic sites in Germany and Halle, including Francke Stiftungen, Haendel Hause, Museums, churches, the old market, and the lovely historic architecture of the city. There are also many beautiful landscapes and green areas including parks, lakes, and rivers across the city of Halle (Saale) that are worth a visit. It is also quite easy to find opportunities to participate in different activities with locals, such as playing football and going to bars or fitness centers.

One thing that distinguishes Germany and Halle (Saale) from other European countries and cities is the existence of immigrants and refugees who live here. Many of them are very friendly, welcoming and generous with visitors and willing to meet new people and engage in different activities.