Safety & Security

Is Germany safe?

Germany is one of the top twenty safest countries in the world according to the 2017 Global Peace Index. The security situation in Germany is generally very good and the crime rate is low. In many public facilities, on public transportation, and along streets you will find surveillance cameras and security checks, indicated by clear signage.

What proves that Germany is safe?

There are many indications that Germany is safe for travelers:

  • Germany is the 7th most active tourist destination-country in the world.
  • Germany provides its guests with a variety of tourist services, starting with the sophisticated public transport network, which includes fast trains, underground trains, buses, and taxis as well as numerous hotels, guest houses, restaurants and cafes, theaters, and parks.
  • Germany has witnessed a significant growth in the tourism sector, where the number of tourists who visit Germany annually is more than 25 million tourists and domestic and foreign tourism reported 450 million overnight stays in 2016.
  • The tourism industry generates about 3.2% of Germany’s gross domestic product (GDP), directly through small and medium-sized tourism projects such as hotels and guesthouses throughout the country.

Is Halle (Saale) a safe city?

Compared with other German cities or around Europe or in the world, Halle (Saale), the largest city in Saxony-Anhalt is considered a safe city. So, it’s no surprise that visitors, students, and people who want to move to Halle (Saale) also feel safe and enjoy their stay. However, like in any city, you have to take some safety procedures to stay safe.

The diversity and a large number of university students in the city makes it a good place for travelers to visit and discover the landmarks of the city. Every year, the city receives thousands of new students and researchers from every corner of the world. Halle also has Academic institutions and international companies, which invite people from all over the world to come to work and live there.

Additionally, Halle has received thousands of refugees in recent years. The resulting increase in local diversity has impacted the atmosphere of the city, making it a more interesting and attractive destination.

As in any city in the world, you should be particularly careful about walking alone at night, staying mainly in well-lit and busy pedestrian areas if possible. The Excellence Center in Europe’s staff will be more than happy to tell you which areas to avoid during your stay, particularly late at night.

In conclusion, in Halle (Saale) anyone can walk freely and safely around the city. It is safe for female travelers and solo travelers. Excellence Center’s co-founders called Halle home for a time and they felt safe and welcomed living in the city.