How to get to Halle?

Getting to Halle Saale is not difficult at all, you arrive to Halle directly by flying to Leipzig-Halle airport or flying into Berlin airport. You could also reach Halle easily by train from different European cities such as Amsterdam, Vienna, or Prague.

Here are some options for getting to Halle (Saale)

By Plane:

Halle (Saale) has an airport and it is only 10 minutes from the train station. However, the Leipzig-Halle airport does not operate as many international flights as the airport in Berlin. Normally, you can find a good flight connection, but sometimes it is much cheaper to fly to Berlin and then travel to Halle by bus or train.

We would highly recommend that you first check for flights to Leipzig-Halle airport and compare them to the one in Berlin. From countries Spain, Jordan, Egypt, or Turkey, direct flights to Leipzig-Halle airport are often cheaper than flying to Berlin.

By Train:

Using trains in Germany is a popular, reliable option. It has very good connections between German cities and as well as other Europen cities. You can travel the 170 km from Berlin to Halle (Saale) on the intercity train in only one hour!

By Bus:

Coming by bus to Halle from other European cities or Berlin may take you a little longer but is the most affordable option.

Long distant busses provide a good alternative to Deutsche Bahn. Compared to trains, it takes more time to reach your destination, however, tickets are cheaper! You can find a ticket from Berlin to Halle for only 8 Euro 

There are several bus companies that offer connections to Halle (Saale). Here you may find links to some companies Meinfernbus, Flixbus, and Berlinlinienbus.