Spend a Semester in Germany

Spend a Semester in Germany: Do you want to spend a semester abroad? How about spending a semester in Germany? At the Excellence Center, undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates can intern, volunteer, or study language during their semester in Germany. We want to share with you a few reasons why you should highly consider coming to spend a semester in Germany.

Germany is a diverse country with rich history, beautiful art, and iconic sites to visit. We know that many university students and graduate students are concerned about finances when traveling abroad. One great aspect of living in Halle (Saale), Germany for a semester is that the city is very affordable and cost-friendly. When you participate in a program run by the Excellence Center (interning, studying language, or volunteering), your program fee will cover the accommodation and breakfast 5 times a week. Other costs, such as groceries and transportation to and within the country, will be the participant’s responsibility to cover. That said, it is easy to keep costs low when you spend a semester in Germany.

When you spend a semester in Germany, that means you will have an entire semester to dive deep into German culture. Staying in a new country for a couple weeks is great, but when you have the opportunity of staying for a couple months, you see the country through an entirely different lens. The more time you spend in a new culture, the more you learn. If you speak German or are learning German, then through your semester immersion experience you will be able to improve your listening, reading, and speaking skills. Also, one of the options you will have concerning the accommodation is the chance to live with a host family. If learning the German language is a priority for you during your time abroad, then what better way to learn a language than by living with native speakers?

In your free time, there will be a number of things that you can do. Within the city of Halle, you can visit the beautifully green public parks or go with friends to a coffee shop. There are also museums to visit and historical sites to see. Another great aspect of studying, interning, or volunteering in Germany for a semester is the opportunity you will have to travel within the country and outside the country.

Traveling from Germany to neighboring countries is easy and relatively affordable. For that reason, you can choose to spend a weekend in Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, or any other country that is on your bucket list when you reside in Halle (Saale) for a semester. Given that you will have an entire semester, there will be many chances for you to take advantage of these travel opportunities. It is unlikely that you will be bored when you come to intern, study, or volunteer in Germany for a semester. For an exciting adventure abroad this fall or next spring, there are countless reasons of why you should consider coming to spend a semester in Germany.