Volunteer Projects with Refugees in Germany

Volunteer Projects with Refugees in Germany: Are you looking for volunteer projects with refugees in Germany? If so, the Excellence Center is one organization in Germany that offers volunteer programs where internationals can directly impact the lives of refugees. Our volunteer projects consist of many activities that are both educational and communal for refugees in Germany. The aim is to help refugees learn language, create community, and better integrate into German society. If you are interested in volunteering in Europe, then we would be happy to share with you more about our volunteer projects with refugees being resettled in Germany.

The Excellence Center in Europe provides internationals with the chance to engage in volunteer projects with refugees in Germany. Halle (Saale), Germany has received a large number of refugees–mainly Arab refugees–in recent years. For that reason, the city has become even more diverse with different cultures, foods, and people to interact with. Participating in one of our volunteer projects with refugees in Germany will grant internationals the chance to organize several beneficial activities for the refugee population in Halle. Some of those activities may include going on tours of the city, arranging educational workshops, or teaching language. In addition to the volunteer projects we offer with refugees in Germany, the Center is happy to accommodate researchers who are interested in studying the refugee situation by seeing how refugees live in Germany and how they are integrating into German society.

Volunteering with refugees in Germany also gives internationals the chance to see the refugee dorms and the living conditions of the refugees. Volunteers will be able to speak directly with refugees and listen to their stories. For those that are interesting in learning Arabic or further practicing their language skills, our volunteer projects with refugees in Germany will give you the opportunity to enhance your language skills. In addition, as a volunteer, you will receive 3 hours of private Arabic lessons a week. You can decide between studying the Syrian spoken dialect or the Palestinian spoken dialect during your time at the Excellence Center.

As refugees continue to flee to European countries, the need for aid and support is only increasing. From organizing CV workshops to hosting cooking classes, the activities arranged by the Excellence Center to incorporate refugees into society are all very beneficial. These are the activities that you may participate in when you arrive in Germany for your volunteer project. If you have been wanting to volunteer your time to help the refugees coming to Europe, then you have the opportunity to do so with the Excellence Center. Since Germany has hosted a large number of refugees in recent years, there is a great need that you would fill if you were to participate in our volunteer projects with refugees in Germany.