Learning German for Americans in Germany  

Learning German for Americans in Germany: Are you an American who wants to learn the German language? Do you want to visit Germany and get to know the most popular visited places in Europe? Would you like to experience the culture of Germany? Do you like to meet refugees and get to know their stories?  If the answer is yes, then join the German courses at the Excellence Center in Europe in the city of Halle (Saale), Germany.

What is better to learn the language more than learning it in the country they speak it?  

Learning German in Germany is the best way to learn the language faster and not only this but also practice it with the locals. This means that you can learn the language in a short time as well as learn more about the culture of the country.

How to find German courses in Germany?

The Excellence Center in Europe offers German courses for all levels (Starter, beginner, intermediate and advanced). The German courses are taught by qualified German teachers who speak good English which will help you understand the German grammar and explain the German vocabularies when it’s needed.

What kind of German courses the center offers in Germany for Americans?   



The Excellence Center in Europe offers you German Intensive courses which enable you to achieve your personal learning goals quickly. In a short time, you can improve your language abilities by practicing what you learn daily. Here you will receive language training in a small, enthusiastic group with an average of 5-7 participants. Your classes are dedicated to addressing the most important aspects of your language needs.



The center offers you the opportunity to learn German online whatever is your level and meets your language needs. Moreover, the Center will provide with all curriculums and learning materials. In order to start, you need to take a placement test which defines your level of German. The first online class is for free, if you are satisfied then you simply register and pay the determined fees.



The center offers you the chance to learn German in Germany with involving into the German culture. The individual German courses (one to one) is for those who want to be more in individual touch with the teacher and build a productive relationship rather than a normal one.

In the individual German course, you can choose your classes time as you want and the date that you think fits you the best. This course suits those who work, or they have certain commitments and they have to plan their courses in time that suit them well.



This conversational German course is an optimal opportunity for you to learn German in Germany if you want to improve your listening, speaking with confidence, and communicating with others interactively. This course helps you improve all aspects of oral communication.

The conversational German courses suit everyone who looks to learn and speak German. The different levels of conversation are divided into categories, from the lower level of those with basic German skills to the advanced level of those who are close to mastering many aspects of the German language.