Volunteer Opportunities in Germany

Volunteer Opportunities in Germany: At the Excellence Center in Europe, we provide many opportunities for internationals to volunteer in Halle, Germany. If you have been scouring for volunteer opportunities aboard, then come check out what we have to offer at the Excellence Center. We have a variety of programs that you can participate in. Some of those programs include teaching English, working with refugees, and writing articles for the Excellence Center in Germany. Let’s talk about what it is like to volunteer at the Excellence Center in Germany.

Besides engaging in your selected volunteer project, volunteers will have many chances to see Germany, experience German culture, and even experience Arab culture. The Excellence Center is an educational and community center that serves German residents, immigrants, refugees, and internationals. Because of the large Arab population in Halle, volunteering with the Center provides opportunities in Germany to see both German and Arab culture up-close.

The Center in Germany also organizes a variety of educational, social, and community activities. Some of which include cultural nights, dinners, trips to historic sites in the city, and more. Our volunteers in Germany are invited to participate in all of these activities. They can be great settings for international volunteers to practice either their German language skills or Arabic language skills. Speaking of language, volunteers receive 3 hours of private Arabic lessons per week when they decide to volunteer with the Excellence Center. You can decide between studying Modern Standard Arabic, the Palestinian spoken dialect, or the Syrian spoken dialect. If a combination of Modern Standard Arabic and one of the spoken dialects interests you, then that can be arranged as well.

Located in Halle, Germany, the Excellence Center is situated in a city rich with history, things to do, and people to meet. Restaurants, cafés, public parks, bars, and shops are plentiful in the city. In a volunteer’s free time, they are welcome to explore Halle. Many volunteers wonder if they will be the only international at the Excellence Center. The answer to that question is no. Internationals from all around the world visit the Excellence Center to volunteer, study German, study Arabic, intern, or simply visit. If you are a solo traveler coming to Germany, you will not be alone when you get here. There is always someone to chat with and get to know, whether that is a local or another international volunteer at the Center.

Volunteering aboard is a beautiful way to make a contribution during your travels. There are benefits for the volunteer personally as well as benefits for those that the volunteer meets. It’s a mutual exchange and something wonderful to be a part of. If you have an interest in teaching English abroad, writing articles about the Excellence Center programs, or working with refugees, then there are volunteer opportunities waiting for you at the Excellence Center in Germany.