How to Find a Host Family in Germany

How to Find a Host Family in Germany? There is no doubt that staying with a host family is one of the most effective ways to understand different cultures. By living with a host family you will be involved in the families daily routine and daily habits. This gives you the opportunity to not only observe them but also to be part of their lives.    

If you want to understand the culture in Germany there is nothing better than staying with a German host family. During your time there you will get the opportunity to know the family members and share unforgettable memories with them.

Who Will Arrange a Host Family in Germany? 

The Excellence Center in Europe has a wide network involved with families in Halle. Here, the center will set you up with a host family either that is German or a refugee family. Staying with a host family in the city of Halle will provide you with everything you will need in Germany and make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

How Long Can I Stay With a Host Family in Germany?

In Germany, you can stay from one day to up to three months. The center will organize everything before your arrival.

How Can I Apply? 

All you have to do is to send an email to and the staff of the center will contact you!

What are the Advantages of Staying With a Host Family?

Living with a family in Germany is very helpful for understanding the German society, for both its negative and positive aspects. In addition, living with a German host family in Germany is very useful in terms of learning the German language. Here you can learn new words and practice the language with the family members.

If you want to stay with an Arabic family, then you will be learning the Arabic language by interacting with the family members as well as getting to know the Arabic culture very well.

Do I Need to Speak Arabic or German to Stay with a Host Family?

No, staying with a host family in Germany doesn’t require you to speak German or Arabic. The families you will stay with will speak English with you in order to understand and communicate. In case you want the family to talk to you in German or Arabic only, in order for you to improve your language skills in either language, then it is your choice!

Do I Need a Visa to Enter Germany

If you hold a passport in one of the countries that are a member of the European Union, then you can come to Germany without any visa. Some other countries are belonging to a program called visa-free program where the citizens of these countries can come to Germany and stay up to 90 days.

The citizens of other countries are required to apply for a visa where they can come and stay in Germany for up to 90 days. Once you got the visa to Germany, you can travel freely not only to Germany but also to many European countries that are also worth visiting.

Remember that saying with a host family in Germany is the best way to understand the culture of any group of people in the world! So if you want to immerse yourself with this experience then apply now!