Why Teach English in Germany?

Why Teach English in Germany? English is an international language that is spoken in almost all countries. In fact, English is classified as one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. This language enhances global communication and diplomacy among peoples in the world. Because of its widespread applicability, learning English can open up countless opportunities for non-native speakers. For instance, English fluency is a prerequisite to apply to many jobs. In addition, many university courses around the world are taught in English such as science, medicine, engineering, economics, business administration, and other educational areas. Many prestigious German universities teach select undergraduate programs in English.

Many Germans are eager to learn English. Germany began to realize the importance of learning languages other than German, especially English, and adopted an education system that facilitates English learning. Most Germans learn English as their first foreign language at school.

Young Germans are now more aware of the importance of learning English and are eager to practice and enhance their skills!


  • Build Relationships with German locals and refugees

At the Excellence Center, your students will be from all age groups and ability levels. Teaching English at the Excellence Center will help you improve your teaching skills, learn innovative teaching techniques, practice time management skills, create lesson plans and class management skills. Teaching a diverse group of students allows you to learn how to teach in innovative and interactive ways.

In addition, teaching English in Germany will give you the opportunity to interact with refugees from numerous countries as well as local Germans in the city of Halle. This experience will definitely make your teaching experience more diverse, distinctive and unique.   

  • Be part of our activities

In addition to teaching English classes, you will also be participating in our educational activities that focus on teaching our students skills such as how to write a CV, cover letter, or motivational letter. We also put on English language activities like English conversational sessions and English club. We organize social activities which aim to gather people from different backgrounds together and share their cultures and traditions. For instance, we host Food Day where each participant brings food from their native country’s cuisine. We also host community activities such as cultural and musical evenings, cultural competitions, dinners and more.   

  • Learn about German Culture

Living in Germany, you will experience German cuisine, art, music, literature, holidays and much more. At the Excellence Center in Europe, you will have the opportunity to learn about the lives, values, and priorities of Germans. Germans give high priority to structure, privacy, and accuracy, and highly appreciate the value of hard work. Many Germans feel comfortable when they are able to organize their world into manageable units. They strive for perfection and precision, so they rarely admit mistakes. Through teaching at the Excellence Center, you will learn to recognize what makes German culture so unique.  

  • Meet and Interact with Refugees

This experience is unique because you will be teaching English to both locals and refugees who are eager to learn more about your culture. Germany is the only European country that agreed to host so many Syrian refugees fleeing from the ongoing war. There are around one million Syrian refugees living in Germany. Here in Halle, you will be able to meet refugees who come from Syria, as well as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Albania, Cameroon, Somalia, Mali as well as other locations. You will get to learn about their culture, hear their stories, and understand how they have adapted to life in Germany.

The Excellence Center in Europe has developed deep relationships with these communities, making our interactions with them unique. We organize educational activities as well as cultural, and musical evenings that help local Germans and refugees connect and create lasting bonds.

  • Experience full Cultural Immersion by living with a Host Family  

Living with a host family will give you an intimate look into German Culture. By living with a host family, you will be involved in their daily life, building and friendly relationships that will teach you about life in Germany. You will share their food, go on visits with them, learn their habits, and experience their style of life, which will enhance your social abilities.

  • Improve your personal and professional skills

The staff at the Excellence Center have valuable experience teaching English and are here to help you become a more effective teacher. Whether you are new at teaching English or looking to further develop your existing skills, working with our team at the Excellence Center will be a valuable experience.

Teaching English in Germany will help you acquire new teaching skills and develop life-skills that will reflect positively in whatever future career you chose to pursue. This experience will make you more comfortable working with individuals from different countries of all ages and abilities. Joining our program will allow you to meet and connect with diverse people from different countries and expand your teaching skills. Teaching English in Germany will make your resume rich and diverse, increasing your employability in the future.

  • Our experience is within your grasp

The Excellence Center in Europe is an expansion of the Excellence Center in Palestine. The great success of the Center in Palestine allowed us to expand to Germany. The seven years of teaching experience and program development we achieved in Palestine will all be applied to make working in Germany a fulfilling and valuable experience for you.

By joining teach English in Germany program you will achieve what you are looking for in one program. If you think that this opportunity suits you, apply now and join us. Germany awaits you ☺

For more information, visit our website: www.eceurope.org