Volunteer with Refugees in Germany

Volunteer with refugees in Germany: Germany is one of the European countries that have currently accepted the largest number of refugees in the last three years. The refugees who come from different countries, mostly from Syria have found Germany as a place where they can live far away from war in safety and with dignity. Germany host around one million refugees during the war that’s going in Syria and Iraq.

 Integration was one of the ways to make these people feel like home and engage into the German life and culture. However, this process won’t as easy as you think, it needs time and great effort and on top of that, it needs good planning.

 Many internationals want to be part of that or at least give a hand as much as they can to these people who have fled from bombing, shooting and killing by the armed groups. Thus, many people around the world want to volunteer with refugees in whatever way possible to help them.

 How can I volunteer with refugees in Germany?

 The Excellence center in Europe which is located in the city of Halle is an optimal place for this purpose. Here you will be able to be in connect with refugees and get to know more about their daily life and how they adapt to the German culture. Volunteering with refugees in one of the programs that Excellence center in Europe offers to those who want to come to Germany and make a difference.

Volunteer with refugees’ program gives you the chance to learn the German language and get to know the culture as well. The Excellence center in Europe organizes social, cultural and educational activities for the refugees in the city of Halle of which you will be a part of. Volunteer with refugees’ program is open to all people who are willing to join this unique experience. This program is a chance to have better understanding of the refugees’ situation in Germany and especially in a small city like Halle.

Why Halle is a good choice for volunteering with refugees in Germany?

 Halle is a small city compared to other cities in Germany as well as being a host to a good number of refugees since the Syrian crisis. In Halle you will be able to see the actual life of refugees which is not like living in bigger cities like Berlin where everything might look familiar. Here you will see refugees who come from countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Albania, Pakistan, Somalia, Mali, Ghana and many others. This diverse group of refugees in a small city will be a good atmosphere to understand the difference among the refugees themselves and how this diversity in culture and lifestyle fits with the German lifestyle and the German community.