Internship Opportunities in Germany

Internship Opportunities in Germany: Germany is filled with internships where you can learn new things and develop valuable skills. The Excellence Center is one of the organizations that offer internship opportunities to those seeking a valuable and helpful experience in Halle.

What kind of internship opportunities  in Germany does the Excellence Center offer?


  • Internship in Germany


If you want to learn German and at the same time get to know the German culture, this program is what you are looking for. Through the program you will have the chance to be part of our community activities with locals and refugees.

Additionally, you will have the chance to meet and interact with the refugees, visit local sites in the city of Halle, learn about the local history, and live with a host family to better understand the culture.

The Internship in Germany is designed for those who are wanting to get practical experience in their fields of interest. Through the program, participants will gain a better understating of the refugee’s situation as you hear their stories about the integration process into the German culture and community.


  • Teach English and Study Arabic Program  


The Teach English and Study Arabic in Germany Program will give you the opportunity to come to Germany where you not only teach English but also study Arabic. In this program, you will teach Germans, refugees and all those who are willing to learn English. All required materials will be provided by the center as well as a guide which will help your teaching and give you a number of educational activities to apply within the class.   

The Teach English and Study Arabic in Germany Program is not merely an educational program but also has its own social side where you will be engaged in Arab culture by participating in our community activities including our cultural evenings organized by the center with the aim of connecting participants with locals and refugees.

Regarding the Arabic Program will allow you to choose between learning Modern Standard Arabic or the Palestinian dialect, or a combination of the two. All of the necessary learning materials will be provided by the center. During you time here you will get three hours of conversational Arabic classes a week with one of our qualified teachers.


  • Teach English and Learn German program


Whether or not you have experience teaching English as a foreign language, and you want to learn the German language, then this program is for you. In the program, we will help you teach Germans and refugees English by using interactive educational methods while you learn German and interact with German culture daily.

The program hosts people from all over the world so you will not be alone whilst in Halle. Here you will also get to know other interns who share similar interests.   

By joining this program, you will gain valuable experience in teaching English as a foreign language. You will learn new teaching techniques as well as lesson planning skills in order to achieve the best results. In addition, you will get the chance to meet people from different countries and backgrounds such as locals, people come from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Mali and many other places. Moreover, you will get the chance to know your students’ diverse cultures which will help you to understand the difference between all these cultures.  

Do I need a certificate of teaching English as foreign language?

No, having a previous experience teaching English is not necessary. Here you will be provided with books, teaching guides, related teaching materials and the support of our staff whenever you need during your time with us.  

This program is for those who may not have experience teaching English or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and by joining this program participants will gain valuable experience built on based on practice. Essentially, our program is designed to train you well and prepare you to teach in the future.  

How can I apply for this internship in Germany programs?

If you want to join one of these programs, please send an email to:, with the name of the program you want to participate in as the subject line. We will then send you the application form.

Who is eligible to apply to Internship in Germany?

All these programs are open to all individuals between 18 – 70 years old. Anyone from all countries and disciplines are welcome to join the Excellence Center’s programs. These programs don’t require any specific degree. If one of these programs interests you in any way, then you are encouraged to apply.

Is there any deadline to apply to these programs?

The internship programs at the Excellence center has no deadline which means you can apply to any of the programs year-around. In addition, you are allowed to choose the start and end dates of the program. The minimum period of participation is two months and the maximum period of participation is three months.