Conduct Research About Refugees in Germany

Conduct Research About Refugees in Germany: Much of the world has taken note of the refugee crisis in Europe. We recognize that many individuals, and particularly graduate students, are interested in doing research regarding the refugees who have been resettled in Europe. If you are among those individuals who are interested in researching the status of refugees in Germany, then the Excellence Center is ready to help you establish the necessary connections in order to conduct your research. If you wish to learn about how refugees are integrating into society, the challenges they face upon integration, and the living conditions of refugees resettled in Germany, then consider coming to the Excellence Center located in Halle (Saale), Germany.

The Excellence Center is an educational and community center that provides services for international, volunteers, language-learners, refugees, immigrants, and the German community. The Center offers English language course, German language course, and Arabic language course for a host of people. In addition, we offer internship programs, volunteer programs, and research programs.

Because of the Center’s direct work with refugees in the Halle (Saale) area, the Center has many connections that are helpful to those who want to conduct research. When coming to the Excellence Center to do research on the status of refugees, we will work with you to organize a plan that will give you what you are looking for. For instance, if you are particularly interested in the living conditions of refugees, we can organize several trips for you to visit the refugee dorms in Halle (Saale). Researchers will also have the opportunity to speak directly with refugees. We know that as a researcher you have a very specific focus, topic, and target group. That is why the Excellence Center will make it a priority to customize the program to meet your research needs.

When coming to conduct research about the status of refugees in Germany, you will be provided with the accommodation, daily breakfast at the Center, and three hours of private Arabic lessons per week. You can decide to study the Palestinian dialect or the Syrian dialect of Arabic during your private lessons. These Arabic lessons will greatly help your communication with the refugees you meet. In addition, we can provide translation for any researcher who does not know the Arabic language.

Given the number of refugees that have been resettled in Germany, Germany is one of the best countries to do research on the status, living conditions, and integration of refugees. If you are a student or educator looking for field opportunities to conduct research on refugees in Germany, then we welcome you to visit the Excellence Center. Again, we will pull from our many resources and connections to give you what you need to go about your research. If you have further questions about the research program and what the Excellence Center is capable of providing for you, then do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to discuss future research opportunities with you.