2019 Summer Volunteer Programs In Germany

2019 summer volunteer programs in Germany: Most people wait for the summer to travel around the world and enjoy their time by relaxing and discovering new places. Germany is one of those countries where people want to spend their summer, where they can appreciate the scenic landscapes and get to the know its rich history, especially during the Second World War. Germany has always been an exciting place throughout history, there have been a number of historic figures from Germany who are known for their great accomplishments in their respective domains.   

Why Germany to volunteer?   

Germany is still an appealing place to many, especially people who are seeking refuge in Europe. Refugees living in Germany come from several different countries around the world. Because of the Syrian conflict, many fled through Greece to reach Germany. When the German government decided to take as many refugees as it could under its “open doors” policy the number reached roughly one million. This inflow of people has created many possibilities and opportunities at all levels and in different industries. Majority of the refugees who came to Germany are not well educated, many come from cities and villages where the education system is either in a dire situation or non-existent.  

Therefore, volunteers from every corner in the world are particularly interested in Germany, to volunteer and help the refugees in any way possible. They can teach them English, provide some vocational training, arrange learning activities and workshops. In this article, you will find the answers to questions about how to volunteer in Germany.

Where to find 2019 summer volunteer programs in Germany?

If you want to volunteer in Germany, then The Excellence Center in Europe is one of the best opportunities available to you. The Excellence Center now has an extensive experience in education among other international volunteer programs which has placed it among the leading educational institutions.

Who is eligible to apply to one of the volunteer programs in Germany?

Those between the ages of 18-70 can apply to The Excellence Center’s volunteer programs. All nationalities and educational backgrounds are welcome to apply and join our volunteer programs in Germany.

What I benefit from joining one of the volunteer programs in Germany?

Joining the volunteer programs means that you have the chance to visit Germany and get to know the landmarks of this country. In addition, you will have a chance to learn Arabic or German, stay with a host family, take part in a local tour of Halle and get involved in the social and cultural activities.   

How can I apply to one of the volunteer programs?

It’s very easy, all you need to do is send us an email at info@eceurope.org and The Center’s staff member will contact you!

If you want to visit Germany and stay with a host family where you learn more about the refugees as well as the German culture then apply in 2019 Summer for our Volunteer Programs In Germany