Why Learn Arabic in Germany?

Why Learn Arabic in Germany?

What are the benefits of learning Arabic in Germany? Germany is not a predominantly Arabic-speaking country, but there are pockets of Arabic-speaking communities within the country. In Halle, specifically, there is a large Arab community where internationals will be able to practice their language skills with native Arabic speakers. Being immersed in the Arabic language doesn’t have to mean traveling to a Middle Eastern country. Immersion can happen in Germany as well! With many Arabs residing in Halle, internationals will have no problem finding people to talk with during their stay.

  • Learning Arabic Through Immersion

It is agreed upon that immersion is the best way to learn a language. Through immersion, students grow quickly in their language skills because of how many opportunities they have to listen to and speak the language. Learning Arabic in Germany gives students plenty of opportunities to meet native Arabic speakers and learn about Arab culture as well. Since many refugees have been resettled in Germany, students coming to the Excellence Center will have the chance to engage with refugees during their time here. If you are curious about the status of refugees in Germany and how they are integrating into a new society, then we invite you to come to the Excellence Center. Our Center organizes many educational, community, and social events for locals, refugees, and internationals. All of which our Arabic students are welcomed and even encouraged to join if they desire. Your language skills will skyrocket once you begin meeting locals that speak Arabic.

  • The Beautiful Experience of Being Immersed in Both German Culture and Arab Culture

You may think that Germany is the last place someone should study Arabic, given that Arabic is not the main language spoken in the country. However, there are several cities that house many individuals of Arab descent who speak Arabic. Learning Arabic in Germany gives students the beautiful experience of being immersed in both German culture and Arab culture. Staying with the Excellence Center also means that students will be provided with housing, breakfast 5 times a day, and trips to different historical sites and landmarks in and around Halle.

  • Individuals Can Choose to Study Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the Palestinian Dialect, or the Syrian Dialect

Concerning the Arabic courses, individuals can choose to study Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the Palestinian dialect, or the Syrian dialect. If students are interested in studying MSA along with one of the spoken dialects during their time at the Excellence Center, then that can be arranged as well. In terms of class size, students have two options. They can enroll in the intensive Arabic group course or the individual Arabic course, depending on whether they prefer learning with other students (group course) or one-to-one with the teacher (individual course).

  • You don’t have to travel to the Middle East to learn Arabic

You don’t have to travel to the Middle East to learn Arabic. Germany is a very suitable place to study the Arabic language because of the Arab immigrants and refugees that live within the country. If you are particularly interested in studying Arabic and engaging with refugees, then our Study Arabic program is one you should highly consider. We hope to see you soon at the Excellence Center. We would be happy to host you in Germany.