Volunteer Work In Germany

Are you looking for volunteer work in Germany? Do you want to visit Germany and learn more about the German culture? Do you want learn more and work with refugees in Germany?  If the answer for all these questions is ‘yes,’ then read more to learn about the various opportunities the Excellence Center in Germany provides.

The Excellence Center in Europe hosts many volunteers every year who come from all over the world and who participated in different programs all over Germany.

What makes Germany a good place to volunteer? Germany has hosted, in recent years, many refugees who have mostly come from the Middle East and Africa. The flow of refugees has created many volunteer opportunities for those who want to give a hand to people who are in need.  

Where can I do a volunteer work in Germany?    

The Excellence Center in Europe, in the city of Halle, is established as a youth initiative that allows volunteers to make a difference. The Excellence Center in Europe offers many volunteer work programs where you can choose the one that fits you interests and skills, as well have the opportunity to travel to Germany and learn of its history and culture.    

Why is the Excellence Center the best choice to do a volunteer work in Germany?

The Excellence center in Europe is a success story of the Excellence Center in Palestine. The Excellence Center in Palestine has become a remarkable education center for many throughout Palestine, offering multiple cultural and educational learning opportunities to internationals and local Palestinians to learn Arabic and English. The Center in Palestine began in 2011, and has since hosted over 500 internationals who have come from almost 35 different countries, who have either come to study Arabic, intern or do a volunteer work in Palestine. Thus, the idea of establishing a center in Germany was to give other people, who can’t travel to Palestine or those who want to help the refugees in Germany, the chance to achieve their goals and join our programs.      

Can I meet refugees, or stay with a refugee family while I am volunteering in Germany?

Yes of course; the Excellence Center in Europe has a wide network among the refugees who live and reside in the city of Halle. The city, which is two hours from Berlin, has hosted over 10,000 refugees, mostly from Syria. The Excellence Center will help you meet and connect with many refugees, where you can also ask questions, get to know each other, and learn how refugees have adapted to the life in Germany.  

If you want to do volunteer work in Germany and join one of our volunteer programs where you can experience the culture, people, and the refugees of Germany, then send us an email to info@eceurope.org. We will be in contact with you to answer any questions and can send you an application form to consider your next volunteer opportunity!