Volunteer with and stay with a German host family

Volunteer with and stay with a German host family: Volunteers who travel around the world to help out other people also are looking to know more about the country they visit and the culture of the people who live there. They are always curious about the lifestyle of the people, what they eat in their daily life, what habits they have on a daily bases and how they react to certain situations in life

How will volunteering in Germany help you achieve this goal?

Volunteering in Germany is always one of the best ways to be as close as you can to the culture of the people. Being a volunteer means that you will be in touch with the community, interact and immerse yourself in it. Not only this but also you will leave a positive impact on people’s lives by giving them a hand in different fields.

Being a volunteer in Germany and especially in the city of Halle where the Excellence center in Europe is located will assist you in understanding the German culture by engaging and interacting with the German community. You will make German friends who will tell you about their culture and their life style. What a better is there to get to know the German culture than being in Germany!

What about the refugees in Germany?

Being in Germany, the country that hosted the largest number of refugees in Europe, the flow of migrants and refugees made Germany diverse and culturally rich. Thus, during your time here you will be also able to understand other cultures.

You will get the chance to know culture of people who come from countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The city of Halle is filled with refugees and migrants who reside and integrate into the life of Germany.

 What volunteering in Germany’s program includes?  

The volunteer in Germany program includes participating in different types of activities that are organized by the center.  You will be involved in Social, community and cultural activities where you have the chance to meet locals and refugees of all ages and from various countries in the world. The Excellence center organizes workshops as well that concern subjects like how to write a resume, interview skills, academic writing and many others. 

Staying with a host family in Germany

Staying with a host family is part of this enjoyable experience too, being with a family either German or non-German, will help you to be closer to the culture and the style of life of the people in Germany.

You will be in direct contact with both German and Arabic culture as well as get to know the refugee’s situation and how they adapt to life in Germany. In addition, you will experience the social behavior and daily habits of the local people as well as having the opportunity to attend events, celebrations such as weddings, that reflect people’s traditions, while sharing their special moments and participating as an integral part of their daily life.

Not only this but you will also be able to learn some Arabic/German during your stay as a result of your close contact with your host family. As with any family, your host family will support you during your time there, giving you advice, recommendations, and any help that you may need.