Volunteer Programs in Europe 2019

Volunteer programs in Europe 2019: Many people around the world want to visit Europe because of its rich cultural diversity. Europe has been the destination for millions in recent years, not only for tourists but also for the refugees from different countries across the world. A large number of refugees have settled in different cities around Germany. This influx of people has opened up many opportunities for those who want to volunteer or intern in Germany and help the refugees in any way possible.

Where could I find volunteer programs in Europe in 2019?

The Excellence Center in Europe is one of the many educational institutions where you can volunteer. The Excellence Center is located in the city of Halle (Saale), where we now have a tradition of organizing cross-cultural social and community events.

What do I have to do during my volunteer in Europe?

The volunteer programs in Europe organized by the Excellence Center in Halle (Saale), Germany include organizing social and community events for local Germans and the refugees. You will also be learning Arabic or German during your time there, and you will have a chance to speak the language you learn with the locals, which means you learn much faster and in a short time through total immersion. In addition, you will be hosted by a local host family where you get to know their culture and traditions and learn more about their experiences.

Moreover, The Excellence Center will arrange local tours for you to get to know the history of Halle. The Excellence Center will also organize a social gathering with the refugees where you can exchange ideas and thoughts about their current challenges in Germany.

How long these volunteer programs in Europe 2019 will take?

Volunteer programs in Europe 2019 offered by The Excellence Center are very flexible when it comes to the duration of the program. You can come and volunteer any time of the year from one week up to 3 months.

Who can apply to volunteer in Europe programs in 2019?

Volunteer programs in Europe 2019 are open to ages 18-70 years old. People from all walks of life are encouraged to apply, no matter the qualification. However, those who are 16-17 and want to take part in these programs can also apply but they would need to submit a parental consent form, signed by one of the parents.

Do I need to speak Arabic or German to take part in one of the volunteer programs in Europe in 2019?

No, you don’t have to speak either language in order to join the volunteer programs. You will be learning Arabic or German during your volunteering period where you get three hours of language classes.

How can I apply to one of the volunteer programs in Europe 2019?        

Applying is very easy, all you have to do is to send us an email at info@eceurope.org and we’ll send you the application, fill out the application and send it back to us.

Europe is full of volunteer opportunities in Europe and The Excellence Center in Europe will offer you a great opportunity to volunteer, and to interact with the refugees as well. Thus, if you think volunteer in Europe is something you want to do then apply now to The Excellence Center in Europe volunteer programs!