Volunteer programs for Canadians in Germany

Volunteer programs for Canadians in Germany: Are you  a Canadian? Do you want to come to Germany? Are you looking to do voluntary work in Germany? Do you want to meet and interact with the refugees who live in Germany? Do you want to give a hand to people who are in need?  If the answer is yes, then you need to read the following lines.

Many Canadians are looking for voluntary work outside Canada and they think of Europe as one of the best options to do voluntary work. Germany specifically is the best option to look for volunteer programs for Canadians. The flow of refugees in the recent four years made Germany the best place for Canadians who are interested in volunteer programs.

How has the flow of refugees has created volunteer programs for Canadians in Germany?

Refugees who come from many countries in the world and reside in Germany were a big challenge to the German government, and German people split into two groups. The first group which supports and welcomes the refugees in Germany, and the second group, which thinks that refugees must go back to their home countries and not live on the German peoples tax payments. 

The existence of the refugees has created many volunteer opportunities to those who want to help and give a hand to those in need. The refugees in Germany have witnessed racism and criticism from some Germans who are against the idea of having them here. This situation has created many volunteer programs for Canadians and for others in Germany to do voluntary work, to help the refugees adapt to the life in Germany and be more educated. Most of the refugees who come from Syria, for example, do not have enough knowledge about how life in western countries is, and  need to develop more skills to be capable to work and be a better person in German society.    

As a Canadian how can I find a volunteer program for me in Germany? 

The Excellence center in Europe, which is located in the city of Halle is one of the options you have as a Canadian volunteer in Germany. The center offers various volunteer programs that will help you achieve what you are looking for, these programs are: volunteer and learn Arabic, volunteer and learn German, volunteer with refugees in Germany and many others.

How as a Canadian can I apply to these volunteer programs in Germany?   

As a Canadian who is looking to apply for a volunteer program in Germany, all you have to do is to send an email to the center at info@eceurope.org and then the staff will send you the application form. 

Do I need a visa to enter Germany as a Canadian?

Canadians citizens don’t need a visa to enter Germany because they get a 3 months visa upon entry, and if they want more then they must apply for an extension.

If you are a Canadian who is willing to come to Germany and do voluntary work in the city of Halle, then apply now to one of our volunteer programs for Canadians in Germany, and join the Excellence center’s volunteers.