Volunteer opportunities in Germany Winter 2019

Volunteer opportunities in Germany Winter 2019: While winter is commonly seen by many as a time to stay indoors and avoid the harsh weather, it can be also a fantastic time of year to volunteer in Germany and help many people achieve their goals in life and make a remarkable difference.

Germany is beautiful in the winter time and is also a great option for those looking volunteer with a large number of refugees community-based in Germany. These people require help adapting to life here and will benefit greatly from gaining an understanding of various skills which will open up employment opportunities for them.

Where can I join a volunteer program in Germany?

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in Germany and especially in winter 2019, then the Excellence Center in Europe is your best choice. The center is located in the city of Halle and offers many volunteer programs which may interest you and help you achieve what are you looking for.   

What do these volunteer programs offer?

Volunteer programs organized by the Excellence Center in Europe will offer you accommodation where you will stay with a host family. The experience of staying with a host family will help you understand and experience the local culture whether you stay with a German family or an Arab family. During your homestay, you will be able to spend time with them and immerse yourself into their daily lifestyle and routines.  

The volunteer programs in Germany also offer the opportunity to learn either German or Arabic where you will receive three hours’ worth of classes a week.  Not only is this a great opportunity to learn from an excellent teacher, but also to practice your language with the locals or the refugees which would result in a significantly fast learning process.

What else?

Volunteer programs in Germany offered by the Excellence center in Europe also include local visits to the main sites in the Halle. The city has many things to see as well as a rich history to learn and experience. Volunteers will also be treated to breakfast every day at the center, providing a great way to meet the other volunteers and employees. In addition, upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of participation as well as a recommendation letter from the center.

How long can I participate in any of volunteer opportunities in Germany in Winter?

The volunteer programs in Germany offered by the Excellence Center in Europe are flexible which allows you to choose when to start and to end your volunteering period so long as the term reaches the required minimum term of three months. This makes it easy for participants to manage around personal and work commitments.

How old must I be to apply?

The volunteer programs in Germany 2019 are open to all people aged between 18 till 70 years old people. The idea of these programs is to give all people an equal opportunity. Volunteer programs are also open to all majors and they don’t require an educational degree.

How to apply for volunteer opportunities in Winter 2019?

It’s quite easy, if you are interested in taking part in any of these programs, please send an email to info@eceurope.org and we’ll be in contact with you!

If you want to visit Germany and help people whom are in need then the Excellence Center in Europe is your option! What are you waiting for, apply now!