Volunteer Opportunities in Germany

Volunteer Opportunities in Germany: You might ask about what kind of volunteer opportunities are available if you decide to come to Germany. Germany is full of opportunities for those who are looking for a chance to give a helping hand to people in need.

The Excellence Center in Europe is one of the options that you have to volunteer in Germany. What makes this center a good option is the experience that we have in voluntary work in Palestine through establishing the Excellence Center in Palestine in 2011. Due to the success the center achieved during these seven years, the Excellence center in Europe was a step forward to transfer this experience to Europe and make it easier for people who are eager to volunteer and make a difference.

What are my volunteer option at the Excellence center in Europe?


  • Volunteer with refugees in Germany program  


Volunteer with Refugees in Germany is a great opportunity for those who want to work, interact, and engage with refugees in Germany. This program will grant you the opportunity to organize and participate in activities and events for refugees in Halle, Germany.

Many refugees strongly believe in the importance of education to improve their situation in Germany and better integrate themselves in German society. That is why the Excellence Center provides social, educational, and community activities for refugees in Halle to participate in.

These activities are mainly for children and youth. As international volunteers engage in these activities, they will simultaneously be learning about the refugee situation in Germany, see their living conditions, and learn about how refugees are integrating into a new society.


  • Volunteer and learn German in Germany program


Volunteer and learn German program is a chance for those who want to visit Germany to learn the language, volunteer and fully immerse themselves in the German culture by participating in our educational, social and interactive activities in the city of Halle (Saale). The Volunteer Program will provide all of the learning resources and materials to help you learn the German language with our qualified teachers.

In the Excellence Center in Europe, we use the best teaching methods aimed at teaching students within a short period of time, through educational activities that are systematic and interactive. We use one of the most modern and effective methods, which relies on the practice and practical application of what the students learn in the class to achieve the best results.


  • Volunteer to write about Germany


The Excellence Center in Europe seeks participants who are good at writing articles concerning the activities the center organizes. The center organizes daily activities and events for the international community, as well as for the students. These activities include educational, social or community activities.

We all know very well the power of words, and we strongly believe that through writing articles we can show people both in Europe and outside Europe the activities that the center organizes, especially the ones for refugees or displaced peoples in Germany.

These articles will be a good tool to inform more internationals and locals about our activities as well as to increase the awareness of the refugee crisis and their living situation. In addition, writing is no doubt an important way to ensure that the events are recorded and remembered.


  • Volunteer and learn Arabic in Germany  


Volunteer and Learn Arabic in Germany is one program offered at the Excellence Center that gives you the chance to volunteer with refugees and Germans in the city of Halle (Saale), Germany. At the same time, you will be able to study Arabic, practice the language, and learn about Arab culture. The volunteer program is designed to allow you to engage with Arab refugees in Germany, especially those from Syria. By interacting with Arab refugees, you will have the chance to practice language and learn about the refugee situation in Germany.

Volunteer and Learn Arabic in Germany program gives you an optimal chance to volunteer with refugees and engage with Arab culture by participating in our educational, social, and interactive activities. The program will also offer you the chance of learning Modern Standard Arabic, the Palestinian (Syrian or Shami) dialect, or a combination of the two during your time here.  All curriculums and necessary learning materials will be provided for you.

How can I apply to these programs?

If you want to join one of these programs, please send an email to: Info@eceurope.org, with the name of the program you want to participate in as the subject line. We will then send you the application form.

Who are eligible to apply to these programs?

All these programs are open to all who are between 18 – 70 years old. All people from all countries and majors are welcome to join the Excellence center’s programs. These programs don’t require any specific degree. If one of these programs interests you in any way, then you are encouraged to apply.

Is there any deadline to apply to these programs?

The volunteer programs at the Excellence center has no deadline which means you can apply to any of the programs year-around. In addition, you are allowed to choose the start and end dates of the program. The minimum period of participation is three days and the maximum period of participation is three months.