Volunteer in Germany short term

Volunteer in Germany short term: Would you like to volunteer in Germany for a short term from 3 days to 10 weeks? Do you want to engage in educational, cultural and community activities? Do you have an interest to learn the German or Arabic language? Would you like to meet new people in Germany? If the answer to one of the above questions is YES, then join the Excellence Center in Europe in the city of Halle, Saale, Germany.

The Excellence Center in Europe invites people from all over the world to come to Germany to volunteer and immerse themselves in the German and Arabic cultures. Volunteers or interns can participate in the center programs from 3 days to 10 weeks year-round. As a volunteer, you can freely choose your starting and ending dates.  We are very flexible!

What can I do during my time volunteering in Germany?

You have the opportunity to do a lot of different things. Normally, we start the day with breakfast at the Center.  Staff, volunteers, interns and students share stories and talk about the day or weeks plans. As a volunteer, you will be kindly asked to teach some conversational English courses and help other teachers doing so. Additionally, we would like to ask you to write some articles about the center and volunteering in Germany.

Furthermore, as a volunteer, you will receive 3 hours of Arabic or German language, you can choose which language you want to learn. The Center also organizes visits to different sites in the city of Halle. Finally, you will have the opportunity to meet new people including German, Arabs, immigrants, and refugees and also engage with them in different activities.

Do I need to speak German to volunteer in Germany?
Not really.  Good English skills are sufficient; the main language at the Excellence Center in Europe is English. Of course, speaking German is an extra advantage but you will be alright with the English language. The Center organizes language courses so you will get 3 hours of Spoken German to be able to communicate with people during your time in Germany

Do I need a visa to volunteer in Germany?

People from other EU countries, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, and many others do not need to apply for a visa in advance, you will get a tourist visa on arrival for three months and you can volunteer in Germany with it.

People from Africa, some Asian countries, the Middle East, and South America need a visa to enter Germany, they can apply also for a tourist visa.  The Excellence Center in Europe will help by providing an invitation letter.

Who will participate in the volunteer in Germany short term?

The Volunteering in Germany program would be a perfect choice for college, and university students who are looking for a short-term volunteering in Germany program. Additionally, it is suitable for people who have a job and would like to make a short trip (Vacation) in Germany. Finally, it is a good choice for people who are over 50 years who would like to meet new people and have a different experience.

What is the best time to apply for the volunteering in Germany?

It is strongly recommended to apply for the program and reserve your spot in the program 2 weeks to 6 months in advance. You can book your spot in the program by filling a form and pay the application fee.

Once you complete your application, we will contact you to organize a Skype or Whatsapp call to discuss it and answer all of your questions. You will also receive a program contract and an invitation letter before you pay the fees.

Will there be other volunteers at the Center?

Yes, the Excellence Center in Europe hosts more than one volunteer a time. Normally, we have 3-4 volunteers at the same time in Germany.

Volunteer in Germany is a great opportunity to meet new people, make a difference in your life, as well as other’s lives, learn a new language, and engage in educational, cultural and community development activities.

Volunteering in Germany is also a perfect choice for solo travelers who would like to live the daily life in Germany and experience the German and Arabic culture.

Do you have questions about volunteering in Germany for a short term?

We would be happy to help you.  Please email us at info@eceurope.org. You can also call the Excellence Center in Europe at 004917639353950.

We would be happy to have you in our family in Halle (Saale), Germany.