The Benefits of Volunteering in Germany

The benefits of volunteering in Germany? What’s volunteering?

Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to live a beneficial experience, to discover other parts of the world and meet new people. It is a challenging way to learn about yourself by helping others. For many people, volunteering in the field of education is the best way to get engaged and involved into a new community. Indeed, education has a great impact on people. Everyone, men and women, kids and adults, can directly benefit from it.  

Volunteering is a humble endeavor done in a humane and compassionate spirit. One who wants to volunteer does not seek anything in return. He or she volunteers based on moral, social or humanitarian considerations. The scope of the volunteer’s commitment is not limited to material assistance and it all depends on personal will and determination.

Volunteering is a way to share and express what one considers important in life. It is a way to represent values such as human dignity, equality and prosperity. Actions range from preserving the environment, opening discourse around cultural differences, promoting education, facilitating access to health services and caring for people with special needs. In the end, volunteers can have a great influence on people’s ethical standards and quality of life.

What makes volunteering in Germany so special?

Living in Germany in a host family and visit the town of Halle

Germany is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. It has a unique history, but it is also the center of activity for modern businesses, science, art and sport. Furthermore, Germans are friendly, welcoming and they are very curious to know people who come to visit them.

Germany has a formidable and varied landscape. In fact, it is one of the most important touristic destination in the world. With spectacular sceneries and wonderful cities, Germany is easy to travel and make all services needed by tourists available. Germany has a sophisticated public transport network, which includes high-speed trains, metros, buses and taxis. There are hotels, hostels, guest houses, restaurants and cafes for every budget. Museums, theaters and public attractions make German cities full of activity and excitement.

It is in the charming historical city of Halle in the Saxony-Anhalt region that the Excellence Center is located. Halle is an economic and educational center. It has one of the oldest university in Germany, as well as many castles, churches, monuments, factories and museums. Many international students and workers live in this diverse city. Every volunteer will participate in a tour of the city with the Excellence Center.

Moreover, a host family will take care of you and make sure you are safe and have everything you need during your stay in Germany. By staying with them, you will enjoy your time and get to see how regular life in Germany goes. Your family will invite you to do traditional and typical activities and you will go to meetings and gatherings as a true member of their family.

Experiencing German culture and learning the German language

Germany has a distinctive culture. It has a very well conserved medieval heritage with castles, fortifications and small villages all around the country. Its typical Christian heritage has been passed down from previous generations and magnificent churches characterize the German cities. Moreover, music and art are still very present and enjoyed by the Germans. Music festivals and art galleries are to be found everywhere in Germany.         Additionally, the German language is fascinating. German authors such as Goethe, Schiller, Hölderlin and Novalis are one of the most well-known authors of the European literature.

Learning German with qualified teachers is one of the most motivating aspect of volunteering with the Excellence Center in the city of Halle in Germany. Whatever if you are a beginner, the teachers will support you and they will make sure you learn quickly. Moreover, since you will be in direct contact with Germans and the German culture, you will learn about their mentality, customs and food. No doubt you will have many occasions to use the German language. You will get engaged in your community and the Excellence Center will arrange a lot of activities where you will meet people and make new friends.

Getting work experience with the Excellence Center and a chance to know and help refugees in Germany

The Excellence Center has a mission: to promote education and training to advance social integration. By volunteering with the center, you will promote that mission by participating in various educational and social activities. You will be asked to be creative and to initiate things by organizing fun educational activities. Also, you will be asked to support and assist the teachers at the Excellence Center. Finally, you will be an active contributor to cultural activities and meetings around food, music, dance and art. All that will be an interesting and amusing experience.    

Since 2015, Germany has helped and welcomed many refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan during the refugee crisis. Consequently, there is an urgent need to help those people who lack many necessities. Because many newcomers do not speak either German or English, volunteers are asked to help them in learning the basics of these languages. One of your tasks will be to support them and enable them to improve their communication skills. Meanwhile, it will be interesting for you to know more about immigration and the situation of refugees in Europe.