Ten Reasons Why Germany is the Best Place to Volunteer in Europe

Ten reasons why Germany is the best place to volunteer in Europe: Volunteer in Germany is one of the options for those who want to learn more about the German culture and learn German as well. Germany is a country with an incredibly rich history and many interesting places to discover.

If you consider volunteering in Germany or in Europe, you are on the right track. Germany without a doubt is a perfect place to volunteer and give a hand to those in need for the following reasons:  


  • German culture


We all have heard that Germans are a strict people, but do we know how and why? Do we know more than that? There is much to learn about and from German culture. By volunteering in Germany, you will be able to get involved with locals and get to know their daily life and habits. The Excellence center in Europe offers you volunteer opportunities in the city of Halle where you can be in touch with German life through the social and community activities the center organizes.  


  • German language  


What’s more interesting to know about people’s culture than their language? The German language belongs to the Western Germanic family of languages which is one of the largest families of languages in the world.

German is the second most important language of science; the third in the world for scientific research and development; the fourth most used language on the Internet; German-speaking countries are in fifth place in the industry and book publications. German is the most widely spoken mother tongue in the EU; it is also an official language in seven countries. In 42 countries there are about 7.5 million who speak German; the total number of German speakers is more than 128 million in the world.

The Excellence center in Europe offers you volunteer opportunity where you can learn the German language from a team of qualified German teachers, while assisting in our community programs. What better place to learn a language than the country where people not only speak it but also live it!


  • Refugees in Germany


As all we know, Germany has welcomed almost one million refugees who fled their countries, especially those from Syria and Iraq. Germany was the preferred destination for many refugees who come from the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. This flow of the refugees makes Germany rich with many different cultures.

Thus, volunteering in Germany will give you an ideal chance to get to know these cultures. It will also allow you to witness the process of assimilation as many new cultures interact with the German way of life. Additionally and most importantly, by interacting with refugees in Germany, you will learn more about the refugee crisis and their plight from home as you hear their stories in person


  • Arabic language


You might wonder why you should choose to learn Arabic in Germany. Germany hosted many people who came from the Middle East, especially Syria and Iraq. The big community of these people in the city of Halle makes it the best place to learn Arabic and interact with Arabs outside of the Middle East itself


  • Host Family in Germany


Volunteering in Germany doesn’t only mean that you will be either teaching or educating people but also get the chance as well to live with local families and better understand their culture and daily habits.

Being with a family is considered to be one of the best ways to improve your cultural understanding. You will have the chance to live how they live, interact with the family members and enjoy time with them during your stay in Germany.


  • Living expenses in Germany

Living in Germany is not expensive comparing to other west European countries like France, Italy, Spain or Switzerland. Buying food in Germany considered to be the cheapest in Western Europe. In addition, finding a place to stay as tourist is easy is also cheap. For example, you could find a hostel in Berlin for as little as 10 euros a night.  


  • Germany is safe


The security situation in Germany is very good and the crime rate is low. In many public facilities, public buses, subway and streets you will feel safe and secure due to the quality security infrastructure present throughout the country. Germany is even known as one of the top ten safest countries in the world.


  • Visit local sites


In Halle you will get the chance to visit several interesting places in the city including historical sites, parks, lakes, bars, night clubs and much more and this will make your schedule full of wonderful things to do.  Moreover, you will be able to live with a host family where you will get a local’s view of the city and all of its attractions.     


  • Traveling alone is very possible  


Traveling alone will make your trip more enjoyable and interesting. If you are traveling alone, you will have a great chance to meet new people; better than if you are travelling as a group member.

Traveling solo to Halle will allow you to be immersed easily into the German culture and its customs. Not only the German culture, but also the culture of the refugees specially the Arab Syrian refugees who live in the city. You will be able to understand better the situation of the refugees in the city as you experience their enormous hospitality.   


  • Germany within Schengen area


If you are coming from a European country that signed the Schengen agreement, then you don’t need a visa to Germany. For those who come from countries which is part of visa free program, then you are allowed to stay in Germany up to three months.

If you need a visa to Germany, then you need to apply for a Schengen visa. This visa will allow you to enter and stay in Germany for a maximum period of 3 months (90 days). Having this visa doesn’t prohibits you from holding a job during your time in the country.