Reasons to volunteer in Germany in 2019

Reasons to volunteer in Germany in 2019: You want to volunteer and are currently thinking about your different options? Sure, you could go to any country in Africa or South America, but what about Germany? No, we’re not kidding. There are, in fact, many reasons to volunteer in Germany in 2019. First of all, they could use some extra hands. Many refugees from Syria and Africa are heading to Germany and volunteers have been at the forefront of helping the overwhelming quantity of people in need. Germany is your ideal opportunity to volunteer in a safe country. People are often worried about their own safety when volunteering abroad. Germany is one of the safest countries and you don’t have to worry too much about your own well-being.

Moreover, what better opportunity to pick up some German while you’re here, so here’s your chance to get more involved with this fascinating language. Additionally, Germany is centrally located in Europe and offers the best possibilities to take a weekend trip to another country on the continent, whether Spain, Italy or Croatia, you can be there in less than 5 hours, take your flight on a Friday evening and get back on Monday and head directly to work. Germany is also known for its innovative and fresh ideas, especially Berlin is famous for its flourishing start-up scene, thus there are many possibilities to help to create a new project and be part of an amazing growth. Also, your own perspectives and ideas are warmly welcome, just as much as you are.

When done right, volunteering abroad can become a powerful platform to do that and more. It facilitates meaningful cultural exchange between the local community and the volunteer, turning what would have been a normal holiday abroad, into something extraordinary. Here are our top reasons why you should pack your bags and head to Germany to volunteer! The most obvious reason. Volunteering gives you a great opportunity to explore a foreign land in a truly unique way. As a volunteer, you will be able to see a side of that country that typical tourists almost always miss, these unique experiences will change the way you see and travel the world!

You’ll make amazing new friends

The great thing about choosing a volunteering experience specifically tailored to suit you is that you’ll meet tons of like-minded people, you’re bound to get on with really well with them. You’ll spend such a concentrated amount of time with these people, and chances are they will remain your friends for life. No doubt that some of the anxiety surrounding volunteering in a new country is to do with the idea that you’ll feel alone.

You’re a long, long way from home and the unfamiliarity of the situation could leave you feeling in need of those home comforts. In fact, taking part in a volunteer program can be one of the best ways to meet individuals who are setting out to do the same thing as you. You’ve already got something in common (a shared mission to help others) and you’re working collectively for the greater good. You connect and bond with people quickly, after all, you’re on this journey of together.

You can learn a new skill

While you are volunteering in Germany in 2019, you will live with a host family or in a shared house with other volunteers. In your relaxing time, this is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill from those around you! Perhaps there is an excellent chef amongst you so you can learn to cook, perhaps someone around speaks another language you can learn from. The world is your oyster when you’re volunteering, literally!

It is a chance to experience what their lives are like on a day-to-day basis,

Get to know with the problems they (refugees) are facing and how you are a part of the solution. Experiencing this rich cultural immersion changes you as a person. As you become a part of this new community, you are slowly, but surely, transformed into a Global Citizen.

You’ll Experience A New Culture Completely

You never really know a place until you’ve lived there. If you’re volunteering somewhere which includes accommodation you’ll dive headfirst into the lives and culture of those around you. From morning ’til night, you’ll be living and breathing a culture which is different from your own. Getting to know another way of life by stepping into the shoes of another human opens your eyes, ears, and mind to the world around you. Which in my case whilst volunteering in Germany in 2019 meant that I got to enjoy authentic Syrian, Palestinian, and Turkish cuisine.

Learn about issues going on in the world Sometimes

Being in another country and speaking to a whole new range of people can give you a new way of seeing some of the issues going on in the world. You can watch the news in the country you volunteer in, read the local newspapers and speak to local people to learn how they view world topics. Even if you don’t want to spend your time away discussing politics and world issues, you can still take the time to learn about local news if you’re interested!

Volunteering abroad in 2019 is so much fun. You’ll rarely speak to anyone who has an experience that they didn’t enjoy. The trick is to do your research, find a program that’s right for you, and get everything organized and booked before you go. This way you’ll know what to expect, and can avoid being conned into spending more money unnecessarily and can make sure you feel confident in whatever volunteering option you choose. Make a great decision for your future now, and look into some of our options to get you started!