Practice Arabic Language with Refugees in Germany

Practice Arabic language with refugees in Germany:Why Germany? Want to learn Arabic but traveling to the Middle East isn’t an option? Come to Germany!  

Germany may not be an Arabic speaking country, but the recent flow of refugees from the Middle East into the country has meant that a large amount of the population now speak Arabic.

What makes it an even better place to learn Arabic, is the fact that a lot of these refugees are Syrian, who are known for speaking a ‘pure’ form of Arabic known as “Fusha”, this should be no surprise when you look at the many well-known poets and writers born and raised in Syria.

Where and how I can learn Arabic in Germany?

Located in the German city of Halle, the Excellence Centre offers courses suited to all levels. With highly qualified teachers, the courses are designed to maximise the opportunity you have by improving your Arabic skills and achieve the best results possible. While you will have Arabic classes, you will also be practising conversational Arabic with the refugees you meet, giving your experience the feeling of being both in a European country as well as a Middle Eastern one. This will help you learn as much as possible in a short space of time.

What else can help me learning Arabic in Germany?

Moreover, you will be able to know more about the Arabic culture and the daily habits of an Arabic family. Being with an Arabic host family in Germany will also help you understand how refugees live in a country which has nothing in common with their own countries and get to know how they adapt to the life here and what kind of difficulties they face to integrate within the Germany community. 

Not only are lessons available, you will also have the chance to stay with an Arabic host family. This would be an invaluable experience to have in your Arabic education, as you will be practising and putting into use the Arabic you have been taught every day with your host family. But on top of this, you will be learning more about Arabic culture and how refugees live, adapt and integrate into a country that is vastly different to their homeland.

What things can I do besides my Arabic classes?

There are lots of things to do in your free time here. You have the option of being a part of the centre’s social and educational activity group, organizing events and workshops with locals and refugees, helping educate them as well as integrate them into the German community.

You can also travel around Germany in your free days. Leipzig is only 25 minutes away, and Berlin is 2 hours. Both destinations are amazing for history, food, culture and just hanging out. There are also many rivers and lakes to swim in during the warmer months.