Low costs volunteer programs in Germany

Low costs volunteer programs in Germany: Are you looking to volunteer in Germany? Do you want to stay with a Germany host family? Are you willing to learn the German language? Would you like to meet the refugees who live in Germany and get to know about their life in Germany?

Those who said yes, are also looking to not spend so much money and they always look to the low-cost volunteer programs in Germany. They are looking to find programs where they can get benefits from them as well as programs that fit their low budget.

Where can I find low-cost volunteer programs in Germany?    

Germany is not considered to be an expensive country in Europe as well as the volunteer program costs. The Excellence center in Europe will offer you these kind of programs where you can volunteer and enjoy your stay in Germany.    

What are the benefits of these low costs volunteer programs in Germany?

The volunteer programs that are offered by the Excellence center in Europe are not only low costing programs but also have many advantages. Firstly, participants will have the chance to live and stay with a host family in the city of Halle, where they can live the daily life of Germans and get to know more about the German culture. In addition, you will be part of many social and educational activities that are aimed at enhancing the skills of the local Germans and the refugees who live in the city of Halle.  

Secondly, volunteers will get the opportunity to visit and discover the landmarks of Germany and generally get to know the rich history of Germany and, the city of Halle specifically.

Thirdly, volunteers will get either Arabic or German language hours every week where they can learn and practice with either the local Germans or the Arabic refugees, who came mainly from Syria due to the ongoing war. Fourthly, volunteers will have the chance as well to meet the refugees, interact with them and get a better understanding of their situation in Germany. Aside from all of this, volunteers get daily breakfast at the center.

How long the low costs volunteer programs in Germany last?

Volunteer programs offered by the Excellence Center in Europe lasts from 1 -3 days, up to three months (12 weeks). The flexibility of these low cost volunteer programs in Germany will fit those who don’t have much time to volunteer, either because of work, family or any other reason.

How low are the costs of these volunteer programs in Germany?

The fees of volunteer programs offered by the Excellence center in Europe is very suitable. One-week voluntary work at the center costs around 250 Euro a week This fee includes accommodation, breakfast, tours in the city of Halle and Arabic hours.

How can I apply to these low costs volunteer programs in Germany?

To apply to one of the volunteer programs at the Excellence Center in Europe,  all you have to do is send an email asking for the application to : info@eceurope.org and we will be in contact with you and will send you the application form to fill out.

Do I need to speak Arabic or German to apply to volunteer programs in Germany?

No, you don’t have to have any knowledge of Arabic or German language. The English language is the only language required in order to communicate with the staff as well as the students.

If you think that you are ready to have an unforgettable experience in Germany then apply now to these programs and come to Germany! Germany awaits you! ☺