Internships for Australians in Germany

Internships for Australians in Germany: Many Australians, especially young people, are looking for an internship in Germany where they can develop their knowledge and also improve their professional skills.  An internship in Germany would be a great opportunity for those who are looking to live there, while also learning new skills or improve existing. Also enjoying the culture and lifestyle. There you can organize workshops, as well as educational and entertainment activities, for the locals and refugees in the city. 

Germany is filled with internships for Australians who want to experience life in Europe, as well as the country that has witnessed so may important events throughout history. Not only this, but also the country that hosted the largest number of refugees, who have come from all over the world.

An internship in Germany would be a perfect opportunity for Australians who are looking to experience German culture, Arabic language and to be closer to the daily life of the refugees who live in Germany.

Where can I do an internship as an Australian in Germany?

The Excellence center in Europe is located in the city of Halle.  The center offers many internships in Germany where you can learn and interact with the center’s students as well as meeting refugees.

What I will be doing as an Australian in these internships?

Internship in Germany is one of the programs that grant you the chance to give a hand to the refugees in the city of Halle. In addition to this, you will learn Arabic or German as you prefer. In the center, there is qualified teachers who will help you learn the language in a short time. If you learn Arabic, you will also be able to learn it faster and improve it sufficiently since you will be surrounded by many Arab refugees who come from countries such as Syria and Iraq.

In addition to this, as an Australian you will have the opportunity to get to know the cultures of both Germans and Arabs. Being in Germany would be a great opportunity to understand the German lifestyle and daily habits. You will also have the opportunity to stay with a host family and to share fond memories with your host family. In addition, the Excellence center offers you the chance to visit places in the city of Halle, where you get to know the historical side of the city and what it is famous for.

As an a Australian, how can I apply to one of these internships in Germany programs?

As an Australian, all what you have to do is send the center an email asking for the application at the following email: The staff will then be in contact with you and will send you the application form.

How long can I be an intern in Germany?

Internships in Germany can be from one month up to three months, where you have enough time to develop training in different fields.  

What kind of internships for Australians in Germany?

The Excellence center in Europe offers different kinds of internships for Australians in Germany. Mainly, these internships focus on teaching English and learning Arabic or German. These internships are designed to give you an opportunity to have a first-hand teaching experience by qualified teachers who will provide you with all the possible help they can offer. 

What other benefits can I as an Australian will get during my internship in Germany?

Being an Australian intern in Germany doesn’t mean that you will be teaching all the time, but also you will have the time to do other things beside that.

Firstly, you will have the chance to stay with a local host family. This will help you better understand the culture of Germans and Arabs who live in the city of Halle. Secondly, you will get the opportunity to know more about the city of Halle which has a rich history. Thirdly, as an Australian will be aware of the refugee’s crisis and how the refugees adapt to the life in Germany, and what kind of difficulties they are facing.

As an Australian who speaks only English, do I need to speak either Arabic or German to participate in internships in the Germany program?

No, to join one of internships in Germany programs you don’t need to have any knowledge of either Arabic or German. The only language you need to be good at is English, and since you are Australian you have that already. 

Australians who are looking for improving their skills, helping refugees who are in need and get to the know the culture of Germany, internship in Germany program offered by the Excellence center in Europe is your choice to achieve all of that.