Internship in Germany Summer 2018

Internship in Germany Summer 2018: We recognize that summer is a time when undergraduate students and recent graduates are searching for internship opportunities in their respective fields. With summer break right around the corner, you or someone you know may be seeking an internship opportunity abroad. There are many benefits to obtaining an internship overseas, including how attractive it looks on a CV or resume for future employers. In a time when employers are looking for potential employees that have cultural sensitivity and global experience, those interested in interning abroad should take note of the Internship in Germany program at the Excellence Center.

Located in the German city of Halle, the Excellence Center is an educational and community center that serves locals, refugees, and internationals. The Center provides many programs, activities, and events for individuals to participate in. Among our programs for internationals is the opportunity to intern in Germany. The Internship in Germany program allows participants to study German, engage with the refugee population in Halle, visit local historical sites, and be involved in community and educational activities. Internships are tailored to an individual’s interests and specializations.

For instance, during the educational activity portion of the program, participants will plan and organize courses for locals in the Halle community. If you are particularly skilled in music or media, then an intern can choose to conduct music or media related activities. At the Excellence Center, we work with our interns to devise a plan tailored to their interests and goals. Whatever your field of study or specialization, there is the potential for you to enhance your skills during this internship.

The Internship in Germany program can last from one month to three months. We know that people have various responsibilities at home and that is why we give interns flexibility to decide the duration of their stay. Also, interns choose their own start and end dates for the program. The Excellence Center is able to accommodation interns at any time that suits them best. In addition, if summer 2018 is not a time that works for your schedule, then know that you can apply to their program year-round.

Interns receive many things when coming to intern with the Excellence Center in Halle, Germany. Participants are granted 20 hours of intensive German lessons, breakfast meals 5 times a week, visits to different city sites, a host of cultural activities and events to participant in, and the accommodation. Concerning the accommodation options, interns can live either with a host family or in a shared flat. Interns also receive full support during their time in Halle, as well as a participation certificate and recommendation letter at the completion of the program.

Do you desire to learn the German language and be immersed in the German culture? Do you wish to learn more about the refugee situation in Germany and see how refugees are adapting to a new society? Maybe you said “yes” to both of these questions. If that is the case, then we believe the Internship in Germany program through the Excellence Center is a match for you. Consider joining us this summer 2018 for an unforgettable and rewarding experience in Halle, Germany.