Internship in Germany for US Students

Internship in Germany for US Students: The Excellence Center in Europe offers internship programs in Germany for US students in the city of Halle, Saale. US students can come year-round and stay from 1 to 3 months. The center provides many opportunities to meet new people, live the daily life of Germans and engage in many educational, cultural and community development activities.

Do you have any interest in learning the German or Arabic language? The Center also provides US interns the opportunities to learn German language during their internship period in Germany. As an intern in Germany, you will get a speaking language course, meet Germans, Arabs, refugees and immigrants.

Do US students need a visa to Intern in Germany?

No. US students get a visa for three months on arrival. That visa enables them to intern and stay in Germany. If you wish to stay more than three months, students have to register in the city and get an extension.

Who can participate in the Internship program in Germany?

The Excellence Center provides programs for US students who are aged between 18 to 45 years old. All majors are welcome to apply.

When can I start my internship in Germany?

The Excellence Center in Europe is really flexible, you can start from 1-3 months and you can freely choose your starting and ending dates, the center hosts US students year-round.

Where will I be staying during the internship in Germany?

The Excellence Center provides you not only with accommodation but also with some cultural and educational services. Interns will be provided with breakfast in the morning, a language course, tours to the city and meetings with locals. Concerning accommodation, there are two options: either to stay with a host family or share a dorm with other internationals.

Do I need to speak German to intern in Germany?

No. The main communication language at the Excellence Center in Europe is English and you can get by with English in the city. Of course, not everyone in Halle (Saale) speaks English, but you will have no problem communicating. The Center will provide you support. Additionally, the Center provides you with a Speaking German course.

What kind of internship programs in Germany the center offers?

The Excellence Center in Europe offers two internship programs in the city of Halle, Saale. The first one is called „Internship in Germany“ and it includes learning the German language, participating in some community development activities, help refugees in Germany and get to know the refugees’ situation. The second internship program is “Teach English and Speak German or Arabic”. That program offers the opportunity to teach and gain teaching skills while learning Arabic or German language.

How can I apply as a US student to intern in Germany?

The Excellence Center in Europe welcomes application year-round, you can choose which program suits you from our website and then request the application form. Once we receive your application, we will organize a skype call to discuss it and answer all your questions.

Would you have any questions about the internship for US students in Germany,

Please contact us at or call 004917639353950 and we would be happy to answer all of your questions