How to get an internship in Germany?

How to get an internship in Germany? In today’s workforce real world experience speaks volumes, and because of this thousands of people around the world are eager to gain vital work experience in their area of study through internships. Germany with its thriving economy and central position in the world makes it a fantastic location for an internationals ready to intern in to gain new skills and knowledge. Our program offers internationals the opportunity to experience life in Germany while simultaneously gaining work experience in their field.

Who can accept me as an intern in Germany?

The Excellence center in Europe which is located in the city of Halle has a number of different internship programs. Interns will work in the excellence center branch in Germany where you can learn and interact with our students as well as local Human rights groups.

How can I apply to one of the excellence center’s internship programs? And how does the process look like?

All you need to do is to send the center an email asking for the application to the following email: The application process is quite clear. Send us the application form with all the necessary information. Then, your application will be reviewed by our team and if you possess the right qualifications you will be invited to a Skype interview so that we can get to know you a bit better and so we can better explain the details of the program you are applying for. After that, your application and your interview results will be reviewed by our team. If you got accepted, you will be contacted and we will provide you with the necessary information needed for your trip to Germany.

How long can I be an intern in Germany?

Our internship programs generally last for about one too three months so you will have enough time to gain enough training in different fields.

What kind of internships in Germany can I participate in?

The Excellence center in Europe offers different kind of internships in Germany. We provide a number of internships, some of which focus on teaching English and learning Arabic and/or German. These internships are designed to give you the opportunity to have a first-hand teaching experience with qualified teachers who will help you achieve this goal. Other internships relate to working with refugees and Human rights groups. We also offer a specific program for people researching the conditions of refugees in Germany.

What other benefits I will gain during my internship in Germany?

Our internship program allows individuals to gain first -hand experience which will undoubtedly aid you when applying to university programs or Jobs. You will gain hands-on experience as a teacher and you will be able to witness the workings of an Organization which works with refugees. Our program will also allow participants to study either German or Arabic, a language that has become increasingly in demand in recent years. Additionally, our program allows internationals to experience a new culture in a new country while making long-lasting contacts and friendships.

Do I need to speak either Arabic or German to participate in internships in Germany programs?

No, our internships programs do not require individuals to be fluent in either German or Arabic. Participants will only require English in order to communicate with the staff and students at the center.