How to get an Internship in Germany Summer 2019

How to get an Internship in Germany Summer 2019: There is no doubt that summer is the most wonderful and enjoyable season for many in the world. People in the summer plan their vacations and hope to spend a pleasant time with their beloved, but do you think that summer is only for vacations?

Summer could be for both, to gain a valuable experience as well as spend a great time in another country. Internships in Germany in the Summer of 2019 could be one of your options, where you can get to know more about the culture and traditions, as well as meeting interesting people and sharing with others the knowledge and skills you have. 

What does an internship in Germany include?

An Internship in the Germany programs offered by the Excellence center in Europe are based on teaching English to the center’s students who are mainly Germans and refugees, who come from several countries in the world. These programs include being a part of the social and community activities the center organizes with the local community as well as the refugees. It also includes learning Arabic or German, where you get three hours of one of these chosen languages a week. In addition, you will have the chance to get to know the German and the Arabic cultures by meeting people, spending time with them and sharing with them your tradition and own culture.

What else do I get by joining the internship in program?  

By undertaking a Summer internship in Germany, you will get the chance to stay with a local Arabic or German hot family. This experience would be very worthwhile to you, where you can understand very well the culture of the locals or the refugees, and get to know how they live their daily life and what their daily habits are.   

Besides all of that, internship in Germany provides local visits in the city of Halle, where the center is located. The city has many must-see attraction and historical sites that carry a rich history.

How can I apply to these internships in Germany?

It’s very easy, all that you have to do is to send an email requesting an application form to: and the staff of the center will be in contact with you. After you complete the application form, fill it out and send it back.  

How long can I intern in Germany with the Excellence center in Europe?  

Internships are not very flexible like volunteer programs since internships are based on teaching English. This means that a minimum commitment of time is required. Thus, if you want to intern, you need to stay at least 1 month and a maximum of 3 months.

What I will be doing during this internship?

During the internship, you will be teaching English to adults or kids at the Excellence center in Europe. Teaching English here means that you will focus more on the conversational part more than the grammatical since people here are looking to practice the language and to learn how to speak more than only learn grammar or writing skills.  

If you think about getting an internship in summer 2019 in Germany interests you, then apply now to one of the center’s internship programs and live a new experience and gain new skills.