How to find an internship in Europe for 2019?

How to find an internship in Europe for 2019? Would you like to visit and find an internship in Germany ? Would you like to get in touch with the refugees in Germany and get the chance to talk to them as well as get to know their situation? Do you want to stay with a host family and get closer to the culture of Germans? If the answer is yes, then read this article util the end.

Europe is filled with opportunities for those who want to come and devote themselves to helping other people who are in need of such help. You can do many things to help people with the skills you have or the knowledge you have gained during your life. Germany in the recent years has hosted many refugees who come mainly from Syria. This flow of refugees has created many opportunities to those who are looking to do an internship aimed at helping the refugees and ensuring that they have a better future.

How to find an internship in Europe for 2019?

It’s easy, the Excellence Center in Europe, which located in the city of Halle, offers you many internship opportunities where you can apply and join. The center offers internships that focus mainly on teaching English to refugees and local Germans. You will be teaching conversational English to the center’s students who are eager to learn the English language.

What I will get by joining an internship at the Excellence center?    

By joining an internship in Germany, you will get the following:

  • Learn Arabic or German

By participating in one of the internships offered by the Excellence center in Europe, you will get the chance to learn Arabic or German at the same time. The center has very qualified Arabic and German teachers who are experienced. Not only this but also you will have the chance to practice what you learned during these classes with German or Arab people who will be involved in the center’s activities.

By joining an internship at the Excellence center in Europe you’ll get the chance to stay with a host family. Either with a German host family or an Arab host family. By staying with a host family, you will be able to understand the culture of the family you are staying with and you will share great moments with the family members.

  • Local visits in the city of Halle

The city of Halle located in the southern part of the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. Halle city has a beautiful center in the city, many green areas and many narrow streets where architecture has been preserved. There are many of historical places in the city which are worthy of visiting.

The city of Halle has many places where you can see and discover new things during your time. This includes the old city, the Red tower, the market square and most importantly, the Beatles Museum