How to become a volunteer in Germany?

How to become a volunteer in Germany?

How to become a volunteer in Germany? Germany has always been a good place to do a voluntary work and make a difference in yourself as well as in others. There are many organizations in Germany which are looking for people who come from all over the world to volunteer in Germany and help other people in different ways.

After the flowing of the refugees who come mainly from the Middle East, Germany became a perfect destination for those who want to give a hand to those who are in need and to be a volunteer in Germany. Refugees who come from countries that different from the German culture lifestyle faced and are still facing difficulties in adapting to the life here. Some of the refugees found their way by learning the language and try to intergrade into the German society completely or partially.

How can you be a volunteer in Germany?

Being a volunteer in Germany takes a few steps in order to find the best option. What you want is not only to volunteer but also get to know the culture and the landmarks of Germany as well. The Excellence center in Europe hosts volunteers in Germany year-round. You can be a volunteer with the Excellence Center in Germany. 

What will you get as a volunteer in Germany?

The Excellence Center in Europe which is located in the city of Halle offers,  volunteering in Germany programs that last from one week up to three months. In these volunteer programs, you get the following:


  • To be involved in the center’s activities


Being a volunteer in Germany at the Excellence center means that you will be participating in the center’s social and educational activities. The Excellence center in Europe organizes activities that target the refugees as well as the local Germans. These activities aimed at enhancing the skills of the participants as well as creating a cultural exchange in Halle (Saale)


  • Learn German or Arabic and practice them   


What is more useful than learning any language from native speakers. When you volunteer in Germany, you have the chance to learn German or to improve your German if you are already taken some courses before. Living in Germany for a while and using the language when you shop, meet people and when you have a daily German life will make you learning process getting faster and faster and you will be learning the language in short time.

Volunteering in Germany doesn’t mean that you will be doing voluntary work all of the time but also you will have the chance to learn Arabic. The center has qualified teachers that will make your learning productive, educative and you will have an enjoyable journey in Germany 


  • Stay with a host family


Volunteers who come to Germany are also looking to experience the German culture and get to know the daily habits of the people who live here. By becoming a volunteer in Germany at the Excellence center in Europe you will get the opportunity to understand and to immerse yourself in the German or the Arabic culture by staying with either German or an Arabic host family.


  • Tours in the city of Halle  


When you come to volunteer in Germany you are also willing to know more about the landmarks of Germany and its cities Additionally, you will be part of the center’s local tours that take you to historical places in the city of Halle, Saale 

If you are still asking “How to become a volunteer in Germany?” it is really easy, go to our website:, choose which program suits you and then send us an email to You have to fill out an application form, as soon as we get your filled application, we will organize a skype call to inform you more about the volunteering program and answer all of your questions