Conduct your research or Field study

Conduct your research or Field study in Germany: Students currently studying, whether it be for their Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D., and those who work in research institutions or organizations are always looking for channels of communication. An organization that will connect them with certain people, resources or institutions that will help them meet their goals.

The Excellence Center in Europe can assist you in meeting your goals through the large network the center possesses in Germany, making achieving your goals easier for you. The center has good connection with the refugees and their families in Germany, due in part to their cultural evenings and friendly meetings hosted by the center.

Here you will get the chance to meet the refugees, get to know their stories, learn more about their situation in Germany and how they integrated into German society. You will also be able to ask them questions specific to the needs of your study or research.

Who can apply?

Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. students are eligible to apply, as well as researchers who work on their own or at an organization or institution.

What do I get?

  • A convenient location for research as well as a desk at the center where you can easily work on your study or research.
  • An English-speaking guide that will accompany you if you need translation help regarding your study or research.
  • Internet access at both the center and the dorm.
  • Conduct interviews, ask questions or complete questioners with help from the center staff.
  • You will have the opportunity to be in the only European country that hosted a high number of Arab refugees, mostly from Syria, and learn about their culture as well as their stories on how they fled during the war and reached Europe.
  • Have the chance to attend cultural evenings and several entertainment activities.
  • The program provides you with a chance to visit local sites in Halle and get to know the rich history of the city.
  • Accommodation, including either staying with a local host family or at a dorm.

How much the participation fees?

The Excellence Center in Europe charges a fee of 800-1000 Euro a month depending on your research needs 

The cost will include breakfast, the accommodation, Arabic or German classes, as well as some visits to different landmarks and sites. Some examples include the Arab neighborhood, refugee dorms and public parks as well as historical sites in the city of Halle (Saale)

Why Halle (Saale) is a good place for your research?

Halle is an economic and educational center in eastern Germany. The University of Halle-Wittenberg is the largest university in Saxony-Anhalt and one of the oldest universities in Germany.

In addition, Halle is one of the German cities that received a large number of refugees. This makes the city more diverse with a variety of cultures. The University of Halle is an educational destination for foreign students studying in various educational fields. In addition, the city embraces the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology which is well known in Germany and internationally. The institute is famous of being one of the world leading institutes for conducting socio-cultural anthropologic research.

Which Airport Should I fly to?

The easiest way to get to the Excellence Center in Germany is to fly to Leipzig/Halle Airport. It takes about 25 minutes to get from the airport to the Excellence Center via train.

If you are coming from one of the Berlin airports, then you have two ways to get the Excellence Center. First is to come by bus. You can take a bus operated by companies such as FlixBus or Eurolines. The bus ride takes about two hours. The second choice is to come by train from the Berlin-Central Station. The train ride takes around an hour and a half.

How do I apply for the program?

If you want to join this program, please send us an email to, Conduct your research or study in Germany as the subject line. We will then send you the application form.

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