Arabic Language Courses In Germany

Arabic language courses in Germany: Arabic is one of the most interesting and important languages in the world. It is spoken by approximately 400 million people, making it the fifth most spoken language. Classical Arabic, the language of the Holy Quran, is the liturgical language of more than 1.8 billion Muslims and standard modern Arabic is one of the six languages of the United Nations. That explains why Arabic is a very popular language.

Additionally, the political predicament in the Middle East has arisen curiosity about the culture of the Arab people and countries. More people are interested in understanding the historical and cultural background of these countries. Moreover, conflicts and problems have engaged a lot of western organizations in that region. Naturally, people willing to work in the Arab world need a basic knowledge of the language spoken there.

    Can I learn Arabic in Germany?

Outside German Universities, it is hard to find private Arabic language courses. Few private schools exist, but they only offer basic programs. In contrast, the Excellence Center in Europe is one of the best establishment in Germany for learning Arabic rigorously. The center is located in the city of Halle which is two hours away from Berlin. The Excellence Center in Europe is the result of the success and positive results that the Excellence Center in Palestine has had. The center is proud to rely on seven years of experience in teaching Arabic to international students coming from all over the world.

What kind of courses can I take at the Excellence Center in Europe?

The Excellence Center in Europe offers different types of Arabic courses. The Study Arabic in Germany (SAIG) courses are designed to meet every student’s need in learning Arabic.

  1. (SAIG) One-to-one program: One-to-One means that it will be only you and the teacher in the class. You and your teacher will focus on specific items you need to learn and you will enjoy a personal and quiet atmosphere. It will be easy to communicate with your teacher and you will receive all his/her attention. You will get direct feedback and you will improve your knowledge very quickly. In the One-to-One program, your teacher and you will make sure that you are interested in what you are doing and that the methodology and materials of the course really suit you.    


  1. (SAIG) Group program: Group program means that you will be studying with a group. That will give you the chance to meet other students and new people and to engage in group activities and communication. In that program, you will meet Arab people and find opportunities to understand the Arab culture. You will have the chance to know Arabic speaking refugees and to understand their situation in Germany. It will be a very interesting human experience. In that program, you can either study modern standard Arabic or the Levantine Arabic dialect (Palestinian Dialect), or a combination of the two. The center will organize a curriculum that suits your interests and needs.     


  1. (SAIG) Customized course

This course is designed for learners with special or specific needs. It targets students who are interested in Arabic in relation to special subjects such as politics, international relations, religious studies, law, arts or communication. In this sense, this course will be designed to relate the topics you are interested in the study of Arabic.     

  1. (SAIG) Online Courses

This program is perfect for students who need a flexible study schedule and want to study everywhere with the help of their computer. The program will get you in touch with native speakers and will help you to improve your knowledge of Arabic as well as your skills and proficiency. It is open to everyone no matter their level or specific needs. For the online courses, you can either study modern standard Arabic, the Levantine Arabic dialect, or a combination of the two. The center will organize a curriculum that suits your interests and needs.  

Why is Arabic important in Germany?

Because of ongoing wars and conflicts in their country, many people from Syria and Iraq left their home and became refugees seeking shelter in Europe. Germany is the country which received and took care of the biggest number of those refugees. More than a million newcomers are presently living in Germany. Consequently, German service centers for refugees urgently need people who can communicate in Arabic with the newcomers.

Also, German education centers need people who know the Arabic language and culture to help the newcomers in the process of social integration in Germany. In this context, the Excellence Center wants to meet the need for better communication in Arabic and offers courses to students or professionals, from Germany or from elsewhere in the world. The Excellence Center has a professional and experienced team of teachers who will make studying Arabic an entertaining experience. Studying at the center will give you the opportunity to meet native Arabic speakers, to work with them and to help them improve their life in Germany.