Affordable Internships in Germany for English Speakers

Affordable Internships in Germany for English Speakers: Are you a proficient or native English speaker? Do you want to visit Germany and do an internship there? Would you like to stay with a German host family and immerse yourself in German culture? Do you want to do all these things, but you are on a tight budget? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then read on!

Germany is one of the most interesting destinations for English speakers who are looking for rewarding and affordable volunteer opportunities. The influx of refugees to Germany from the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, but especially from war-torn Syria, which began in 2013 and continues until the present, offers proficient and native speakers of English opportunities to teach English to people who have fled their countries.   

The Excellence Center in Halle, Germany: Your Best Choice for Affordable English Teaching Internships!  

The Excellence Center in Halle is an extension of its same named counterpart located in Hebron on the West Bank, which was founded in 2011. Like its partner in Hebron, the Excellence Center in Halle offers a variety of affordable internships for those wishing to volunteer their time and talents to teach English.

Teaching English at the Excellence Center in Hall: What Will I be Doing?  

As an intern, you will be teaching English to refugees as well as local German speakers. Classes will involve instruction in formal conversational English as well as kinetic and other activities to reinforce and enhance the formal English instruction. Local teachers might also tap your expertise, especially for conversation sessions in their classes. Classes will be held at the Excellence Center, which will also provide all the materials you need. In addition to teaching, you might be asked to assist staff in administrative duties or related activities, such as writing reports and articles.  

How Long are the Internships at the Excellence Center in Halle?   

Internships at the Excellence Center in Halle generally last one to three months. The programs are very flexible. You can apply to programs anytime!

Do I Need to Speak Arabic or German?

No. You don’t need to speak Arabic or German to participate in programs, but you will be expected to speak English well enough to teach language classes and communicate with the Center’s staff.

What are the Excellence Center’s Rates for English Teaching Internships?

The English teaching internships offered by the Excellence Center in Halle start at 560 euros a month, which includes breakfast, accommodations, and German and/or Arabic classes, as well as tours to various landmarks and sites in Halle, such as Arab neighborhoods, refugee dormitories, public parks, and historical sites.

How can I apply to Teach English at the Excellence Center in Halle?

It’s super easy! All you have to do is send an email to and ask for an application form, return it filled out, and our staff will contact you.  

If you are looking for an affordable internship to teach English in, Germany or  Europe, the Excellence Center in Halle is your best choice. Apply now!